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Poem: Words On A Page

Poem: Words On A Page

A mysterious poem about words, and ancient paper ...

Words on a page - what do they mean?



Poem Words On A Page


Words on a page ancient tattered paper illustration

Words On A Page


Words on a page,
what do they mean?

What can they do for us,
how can they reach us,
true that they are
something special,
some thing
that monkeys never knew,
or if they did,
they have forgotten,
fallen to a deep green sleep,
a sleep of jungles and old vines,
radiant flowers and huge insects,
snakes winding, crackling sounds -

Is that a tiger stalking me?

Is that a long lost lover,
lost in the forest,
stumbling unknowingly,
forgotten his name,
forgotten his purpose,
like the monkey beings who
watched their words on paper
fade away
with every sunrise,
looked at the remnants,
fingered the mysterious shreds
and then the day it came
when they no longer cared,
and put their words away,
for they had seen the truth -

Look, there’s a sunset.

There’s a ripe banana,
or a yellow snake,
who is to know?

And rumbling thunder tells us
of the coming of a storm.

There will be wind,
there will be rain,
we need to find our shelter,
watch the fadinging light until
we see no more
and shivering against
the knowing of the dark outside,
will curl up
in our leaf filled cave
and sleep,
and dream
of stardust

Silvia Hartmann 2010





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