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The Crossroads - Sanctuary State Hypnosis

The Crossroads - Sanctuary State Hypnosis

I am often asked what we mean by the term "crossroads" as regards to the kind of states we use for Sanctuary hypnosis.

Here is a short explanation of the Crossroads.


In traditional hypnosis, as in many if not most old fashioned spiritual development approaches, the conscious mind is knocked out, put aside, gotten rid of.

What I'm trying to do, on the other hand, is to have the cool enlightenment states AND BE COMPLETELY AWARE OF JUST HOW MUCH FUN YOU ARE HAVING, because if you don't, it's a total waste of time!


You dream about some great solution to mankind's problems, but wake up and then DON'T REMEMBER IT.


So I've been playing around with all sorts of devices to keep the conscious mind in the frame, get lucidity states, dream and awake.

Now, in "science" they distinguish between "4 major brain states" as measured by their EEGs - Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.


Delta 0 to 2 Hz - Predominates during sleep.

Theta 3 to 7 Hz - Associated with the daydreaming state and the transition state between wakefulness and sleep.

Alpha 8 to 12 Hz - Associated with relaxation and mediation.

Beta 16 to 18 Hz - Associated with focus and thinking.

High Beta 23 -38 Hz - Extreme high energy focus.


In standard hypnosis training, this idea of "going deeper towards unconsciousness" is also reflected as though it was a linear progression down through these steps, one after the other exclusively.

But when you see an EEG, you will see that ALL FOUR ARE PRESENT ALL THE TIME - but in ordinary states of sleep, trance and consciousness you get one becoming predominant and dictating the experience the person's having.

So what I am doing with HypnoDreams is to get states where you are keeping the conscious mind on board (the Beta and even High and Extreme Beta for lucid consciousness), whilst BRINGING UP THE TRACES OF THE OTHER STATES ***AT THE SAME TIME*** so everything's present - a CROSSROADS of brain activity where everything meets.

That's the place for REAL Project Sanctuary experiences of a lucidity and level of autogenic existence, they are mind boggling.

Anyway, there's a lot more to this, I just used the picture or metaphor of the EEG to demonstrate the idea of having THINGS BE PRESENT AT THE SAME TIME and - most importantly! - WORKING TOGETHER HARMONIOUSLY.

That's the trick and key in my opinion - to get the energy systems and the conscious systems AND the body into a form of rhythmic synchronisation in order to get the most effective systemic functioning going (think a number of horses in front of the same cart, and some are stumbling, some trotting, some trying to gallop and some on their knees!).

One of the things of interest about this whole deal (and there are many!) is that HGH is produced during solid delta states. It is my conjecture that delta states should not be relegated to nighttimes and sleep, but be present ALL THE TIME at full blast - as the others should of course, as well and all at the same time.

One of the side effects of this is would be a CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION OF HGH - and the effects of that on human longevity and disease would be quite remarkable, undoubtedly. What its energetic equivalents would be doing for HUMAN EVOLUTION and the DEVELOPMENT OF THE ENERGY SYSTEM INTO AN ADULT STATE is anybodies guess.

Another really interesting aspect concerns high beta states. The brain is easily capable of much faster high beta, much, much faster structurally - but not if we are suffering from adrenaline allergies and the entire endocrinal system, both physically and the psychic circuitry in the energy system, are completely out of whack. The high beta states then become dangerously unstable and turn into panic attacks.

This has been a hobby horse of mine for a long time and I've working on this for a VERY long time now.

But its coming together very nicely and frankly what fascinates me the most is the psychic circuitry because it is totally unmapped and uncharted.

So yes. Crossroads.

Full lucid awareness across the systems with everything working together.

The Sanctuary State, which is "Hypnosis, Jim, but not as we know it."


Silvia Hartmann 2004


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"A visit to Project Sanctuary is simple to do and leaves you marvelling at the wonders to be discovered in your own mind." Margarita Foley

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