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Healing With The Energy Of Natural Landscapes And Meditation

by Silvia Hartmann

Healing With The Energy Of Natural Landscapes And Meditation

There is nothing more deeply and profoundly healing than the power of nature itself - and that doesn't just mean the plant kingdom, or the animal kingdom, or the mineral kingdom, or the energetic realities behind them all which holds everything together in the wondrous web of life.

It means the COMBINATION of all these different energies coming together - a natural landscape, an environment that has all these components, to make a powerful and always appropriate, deeply healing, deeply personal meditation for health and well being.


To draw these powerful healing energies towards you, all you have to do is to start thinking about what kind of landscape your mind, heart, body and soul ALL hunger for to be in, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

This is important, because it is right here and right now that the healing energies are required; so do try not to get hung up about a favourite holiday, or a childhood landscape you "always" go to when you think about such things, but really let something come to you.


What time of day would be perfect to have it be, right now?


Morning, midday, afternoon, evening, dusk, night, deepest night, dawn?


What feels just right?


And what time of year is it here in this perfect place?


Is it spring, summer, autumn or winter?


And what is the weather?


  • PLEASE do not be afraid or reject what in ordinary life might be "bad" weather. I have known many people who were helped IMMENSELY by tapping into the energy of powerful rain, or the wildest of storms, or lightning strikes and thunder. Remember we are finding the right energy form that your body and your mind needs, right now!
After the weather, what is the land around you? What is the vegetation?


Are there any animals about? Any helpful people, helpful spirits?


  • Often, there are no people and it is just the energy from the environment, the seasons, the weather and the land and plants that is required to make a world that is just right for you, that holds just the right forms of energy in the right measure for your greatest benefit.
Is there anything else you need to be totally comfortable, totally at ease, and wonderfully supported here?


In one of my favourite "healing habitats" I am resting in an ice castle, looking out of a window that shows the stars and the northern lights over wide sweeping fields of brilliant ice and snow. It is very cold and very still; and in this habitat I lie on many white, soft furs that keep me warm and safe, and well supported, in absolute comfort.


Another favourite habitat of mine is a wooden house with a veranda and a garden as you might find in old Japan. There is a pond and many plants with big, green leaves; it is raining steadily, and the raindrops run off the leaves in little rivulets, splash into the pond, whilst I lie safe and snug in soft blankets on the veranda of the building, letting the moisture and peace soak into me with every breath I take.


Yet at other times, I find myself on a sunny beach in the late afternoon. There are large, smooth rocks there against which the turquoise waves softly lap, and these rocks are so warm from the sunshine they absorbed all day, they feel as though they are alive, and I find a comfortable position to lie on the rocks and let them warm me from below, just as the sun warms me from above ...


Can you feel the blessing of these environments? Or what happens to you when you just start to "think" about such a place?


With just the smallest amount of will, and a little practice every day, visits to these healing habitats become more, and more lucid, more powerful; you learn to step more and more INTO these worlds that are made of energy, and feed your mind, your heart, your body and your soul with powerful natural healing energies - no matter where you might be in the World.


Silvia Hartmann


  • Healing Habitats are from Project Sanctuary
  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is a map of your own inner manifesting realm; a guide for your unique garden, buildings, architecture; and a language and travel guide all rolled into one." Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

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