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A Starry Gift

A Starry Gift

I asked for a Healing Poem today - and received The Starry Gift.

Can you heal me of my days
can you heal me of my years
can you take away the burdens ...?


A Starry Gift


Can you heal me of my days

can you heal me of my years

can you take away the burdens,

sorrows, disappointments,

heartaches, heartbreaks,

small and large

the needle pricks

the shards that cut me

hurt me more

than words can say?


Can you heal me

of myself and me,

of them and him,

especially of him,

and her, by God,

I need your healing!


Can you fill me up

with light, with life,

for I have none,

I've lost it,

lost my song,

how long

has it been?


How long

has it been

since I was free,

since I was me,

a me I knew

in dreams,

a me that flew

the azure planes,

a me that knew

the stars by name

a me that was

so joyful,

never sad,

always glad,

to be alive?


Was there ever

such a me?


I think and I agree.


The past has been and gone.

The songs, they have been sung.

The tears, they have been cried

and all of it is nowhere now,

and all of it is nothing

if I simply turn away now

if I simply let it be,

if I simply breathe

and find a blessing

that I want to give

to you, or me,

or him, or her ...


I walk along

a path that seems

so silver,

made from moonlight,

soft and gentle underfoot,

it stretches out

towards the stars,

it winds like rivers

through the fertile valleys,

it loops and swoops

through radiant skies,

it makes me want

to spread my wings and fly,

for I have blessings,

oh, so many blessings,

if I flew, I could then

bless the lands below

and all who sleep,

and all who dream,

and all that is,

that was,

that wondered,

would receive

a starry gift

of hope and love

from me,



Silvia Hartmann

Feb 2010


Healing Poem Starry Gift Illustration

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