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Metaphor Therapy

Metaphor Therapy & Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary ManualYou can't do metaphor therapy of any kind without understanding the language of metaphor, and frankly, you can't understand the language of metaphor until and unless you have learned it properly - by DIRECT INTERACTION with the energy mind, or by immersion, in other words.

Much has been written about metaphor therapy, but the truth is that you can only understand any metaphor properly by stepping inside that world and acting upon it from within.

Just as you will never understand the nature of a frog or what a frog really is by killing it, then cutting it up and studying the dead pieces, metaphor cannot be understood by dissecting it and then talking about the bits that lie, lifeless AND WITHOUT MEANING, on the floor.

Metaphors are OWNED by the one person who experiences something and then talks about it; they are unique and have a context.

By playing within the worlds of Project Sanctuary, a TRUE understanding of metaphor arises, what it is, how it works, and how you can use metaphor in therapy to help other people heal - properly.

In that way, therapeutic metaphor becomes more than a crazy mind game and turns into probably the most powerful tool for mind healing and personal evolution we have ever known.

The Crossroads - Sanctuary State Hypnosis

The Crossroads - Sanctuary State Hypnosis

I am often asked what we mean by the term "crossroads" as regards to the kind of states we use for Sanctuary hypnosis.

Here is a short explanation of the Crossroads.

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The Ocean Creature

The Ocean Creature

Shovelling the ocean with a teaspoon.

So, that's how it is.

A weary drop at a time ...

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The Embankment - Timeline & Project Sanctuary

The Embankment - Timeline & Project Sanctuary

Here is an interesting scenario - someone being in a position to do something but they are unable to do so because of past limiting decisions to the contrary.

Now of course, there are many ways to treat this, but this Project Sanctuary occurence which happened spontaneously and in real time with a person tonight was so moving and elegant, it deserves to be retold in case someone else might like to try this or something like it. 

There is also another and rather mysterious aspect to this story, but more of that later. Let's start at the beginning. 

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In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary is a powerful, short metasong story from the book of fairy tales, The Golden Horse.

This story concerns a little girl who demanded far more from the world around her than was seemly ...

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Natural Healing - While You Sleep!

Natural Healing - While You Sleep!

Here is a seemingly simple technique that combines lessons from advanced hypnotherapy, the quantum energy spaces and the new energy healing approaches to make bed time a time of true R&R for all parts of your mind and your body.

*This is a classic Project Sanctuary Pattern, adjusted for the general public or as an introduction to the benefits of PS.

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The Ten Basic Presuppositions of Project Sanctuary

The Ten Basic Presuppositions of Project Sanctuary

This short article from 1997 states the basic ten presuppositions of the worlds from which Project Sanctuary originates.

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Energetic Relationships - Pink Patsy

Energetic Relationships - Pink Patsy

Pink Patsy is a pattern which is applicable to very long standing problems of all kinds; at it's outside edges it becomes extremely complicated and hard to track in consciousness, but the central point is easily grasped.

I think it's probably a more important pattern than we have conceived of so far and invite you personally to both try it out as well as keep experimenting with various aspects of it. In the context of general Sanctuary interventions, it becomes highly relevant to any number of puzzles.

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David Grove Metaphor Therapy Add On

David Grove Metaphor Therapy Add On

Named after its originator, David Grove, this is a very interesting and complex way of working with client generated metaphors to firstly find, then undo deeply repressed traumatic memories.

There are two basic and quite unique patterns from Grovian Metaphor Therapy which are of great help to Sanctuary processes.

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Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

Would you like to be richer? Have a better attitude to money or gold? Get your finances under control? If yes, enjoy this Project Sanctuary game of magic that is easy to play and very educational! Enjoy!

*** Hypnotherapists, this is a perfect prosperity or abundance creation Hypnotherapy script which can also be used for self hypnosis if read aloud on tape.

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Psychic Energy - The Soul Pilots

In our ongoing investigations into the human energy system, we have come across what I call "The Psychic Circuitry". This is an aspect of the energy system which is not properly understood and much more directly connected with the physical body than the general meridian system - and far more powerful. Acupuncture can't heal cancer - but the psychic circuitry can, and malfunctions in it cause it, too. Here is a gentle and truly beautiful approach to consciously using the psychic circuitry for evolution and for healing.

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