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Falling In Love - A New Story

Falling In Love - A New Story

Project Sanctuary gives us a fabulous format to explore and to change internal representations, or our personal realities, that hide out of view behind labels such as "falling in love".

"Falling in love"?

What DOES that mean? What does that mean TO YOU?

If you allow yourself to really step into it and become aware of what that *is* for you, what is it? I said mine was stepping off the edge of reason and literally falling into some huge pitch black endless stone well type of hole in the ground, out of control, screaming and flailing, and then landing bone-crunchingly at the bottom, amidst a pile of dry sculls and the dusty last remnants of other fools who had fallen into the same damn hole over the centuries!

Seneca said upon seeing a drooling madman lurching by "That's either a poet, or a lover ..."

This in and of itself is already great fun.

A person that isn't me might say that "falling in love" means falling into a soft feather bed of joy filled wondrousness that holds you snug and tight for evermore ...

The particular content of the can marked "falling in love" is completely dependent on a mixture of cultural inheritances and personal experiences - and strictly idiosyncratic if you pay attention to detail. Even if a thousand people fall into a feather bed, there are differences in the size of the bed, what kind of feathers it's made out of, what colour they are or how long you fall for, to mention but a few.

But generally, it's a lot more dramatic than that.

There are so many things that are interesting about this phenomenon of using a label and taking it for granted that everyone understands what you mean by that.

There are the actions one might take as a result of not the label as such, but as a result of the meaning behind the label. Personally, I never ever enter a nightclub without a stick, a torch, a guide dog and wearing a parachute. I can't understand how people could get by without it! Are they

And then there's the whole other side to the PS fun that one might have, whereby one gets to re-write the meanings of the events behind the label.

And that is rather intriguing on every level.

SFX :-)
Silvia Hartmann


Part II

Icarus fallingChanging An Internal Representation With Project Sanctuary

Falling In Love:
An Example How To Change A Negative Internal Representation With Project Sanctuary - Permanently.

If you recall, I said my internal representation of the word/label/phrase "falling in love" was "Stepping off the edge of reason and literally falling into some huge pitch black endless stone well type of hole in the ground, out of control, screaming and flailing, and then landing bone-crunchingly at the bottom, amidst a pile of dry sculls and the dusty last remnants of other fools who had fallen into the same damn hole over the centuries!"

I've been laughing about this ever since I wrote it, and so have decided to do something with it, using Project Sanctuary, as an example for the group.

So here we are, Silvia sitting up all bruised and mangled after the long screaming fall, on the pile of dusty skeletons, rubbing her head and squinting into the dark.

I've decided to be wiser altar ego (AE) and turn up in that guise. I make myself glow in the dark so Silvia (S) can see me.

AE: "Hey, whatta you doin?"

S: "Oh GOD that hurts ... Oh SHIT not again ..."

AE (trying very hard not to giggle): "Not what again?"

S: "I HATE falling in love! Jesus this SUCKS! And now how long is it going to be before I claw my way out of this goddamned hole again?! I don't even know if I have the strength to try again, this time. WHY does this always happen to me?!"

AE: "You call THIS falling in love?! What planet are you from?!"

S (coughs and grimaces painfully): "I think I cracked a couple of ribs. It's dusty in here." (coughs again).

AE (manifests glass of sanity water): "Here, take this."

S (drinks the water and calms down somewhat): "Thanks for that." (looks around herself in the glow AE is producing and grimaces at the many skulls and bones piled up around her). "Wonder where these have come from? Wonder who they were ..."

AE (shrugs): "Does it matter?"

S (finishes water and looks around for what to do with the glass, eventually places it precariously on top of a single bleached skull): "I suppose not.
Although ... this is MY sanctuary ..."

AE sighs. "Do you need any healing?"

S (looks down at herself): "No not really. It's all just an energy." (As she says that, a bright light flows in spirals around her, top to bottom, and
she looks completely healed. She stands up and flicks some dust of her trousers. As an afterthought, she looks at her hands. They too begin to
glow, and this spreads until she glows all over just like AE does, and she smiles.)

S: "Ok, what happens next?"

AE: "We are so similar now, we could merge into one."

S (grins): "But then we wouldn't be having this wonderful conversation. Let's keep it two, shall we?"

AE: "Ok. Although I must point out that in the context of falling in love, Dr Freud would have had a field day with that statement."

S: "Yeah so it's just as well he isn't here and so he can't. I want to get out of here."

AE: "Yes. Absolutely. Let's look at this mess from a different perspective."

(Both rise easily up and towards an as yet invisible exit)

S: "This is long way up - or down, as the case may be."

AE: "Yes, it's surprising. Let's speed up some."

(They speed up but still there is no sign above of anything other than absolute blackness)

S: "There is something wrong with this. We have travelled for miles now. I remember clawing my way up the sides repeatedly. If it was this deep, or high, I would never have gotten out at all."

AE: "Let's just transport ourselves to the outside instead then."

S: "Okay."

Instantly, both disappear and shimmer back into existence in a darkened valley landscape, low hills and flowing short grasses, and in front of their feet there lies a big black hole in the ground that seems to go down forever, about 30 meters in circumference.

Both stare at this thing for a prolonged time.

S: "What IS this?!"

AE: "It looks like a hole in the fabric of space and time."

They contemplate the strangely ragged edges and start walking around the hole.

S: "You know, this could be a metaphorical representation of some sort of injury in my energy system."

AE: "I was thinking the same thing. How are we going to fix this?"

S (looks up and around): "There are no stars in the sky. The sky is all black. I have a feeling that there is never a sunrise in this place."

AE (looks around in a perfect mirror image movement): "Yes. That's spooky. If there was light, I would feel differently about this whole thing. (laughs) Seems we need to shed some light on the situation!"

S: "I think we need to take an even bigger picture."

(AE assents and both rise up into the black sky, higher and higher, until the planet can be seen from above. They continue to rise up until there is a sudden threshold shift and both emerge into clear space - stars, suns and moons, asteroids, and the fine hum of solar music, winds from galaxies far

S: "Phew! That's better. I can breathe again."

AE (spins and circles briefly): "Yes that's one hell of a terrible place. Where is it? Where has it gone?"

Both look back but there seems nothing there, until they focus differently and then the planet they just came from becomes noticeable, if not visible - it is enshrouded in a pitch black mist that forms a shell all around it.

S & AE sigh together, exactly at the same time, look at each other, exactly at the same time, then sigh again, move towards each other and merge into one.

The one looks at the situation for a moment, then with a small hand gesture procures a storm of stars that rush towards the invisible planet and tears up the black mist protection, like sandblasting dirt from an old building. Soon, the planet lies revealed - a jewel of deepest emerald and perfect blue with whites in shades of soft pinks and rose. It is beautiful.

The one sighs, swoops down and circles the planet until the breach, the hole, becomes visible.

She calls upon the healing powers of that Earth to restore itself, to put to rights what once went wrong, and supports the growing lines of power as they reach and stretch to re-connect, to form the grid that was torn apart so long ago. From the very core of the planet to the furthest outside structures, restoration is in progress, in process, and more than that, there is a joy gathering from all around as the other heavenly bodies recognise their long lost partner and begin to sing a welcome that re-connects the planet to the Universe at large.

The one sighs with pleasure this time, and swoops down to walk upon this brand new Earth, and let its footprints resonate there so the Earth can know the one, and know the one again.


Jan 2008

Part III: Some Meta Comments On This Project Sanctuary Process & Story

I believe that "beliefs" are imprints and existing conditions in the energy system. I also believe, and have for a long time, that humans are immensely complicated systems which we are not "consciously clever enough" to figure out by half.

However, we do have an energy mind that can compute this complexity, and given permission to come forth and join the thinking party, will provide us with solutions that the conscious mind at all could NEVER have created, not in a billion years of a billion conscious minds tapping away at a billion typewriters!

Conscious minds lack the ability to shift gear into other dimensions, make paradigm leaps, and compute high, high levels of complexity all at the same time.

It's not their fault - they are meant to be the partners of the energy mind, not shoulder the burden of keeping us safe and alive throughout an entire incarnation all by themselves.

There are many forms of belief change available today.

Project Sanctuary is its own thing; there is no "technique" as such. With practise, you get a flow going of a story that develops as a COMMUNICATION between the energy mind and the conscious mind. This story has a total life of its own; it can be changed and steered by conscious decisions, and indeed, it should be if you want change to occur; but it can't be forced. The story writes itself.

We started with an internal representation of dark holes and dusty skeletons - my "mind movie" that would play faithfully each time I hear or use the phrase "falling in love".

I did my Project Sanctuary story, and now, when I think of falling in love, what I get is that last part, of the one swooping down towards this fantastic planet, to walk upon that earth.

That's a huge difference.

The two seem hardly connected - that's where and why conscious thought and problem solving skills can't help you with a resolution such as this! - but there is a lot more to it than that. There is an integration happening of two aspects of the self who become "the one", there is some serious shifting of viewpoints and perspectives, but most of all, there is this intense sequence where the breach is healed by the powers of the earth, and the shield that blocks communication with the rest of the universe is removed.

What was healed there?

Can we ever really know?

Do we need to?

I say, absolutely not.

It is good enough, more than good enough, in fact it's a fucking miracle that it was healed at all!

Perhaps future generations figure out what exactly in the energy system are the stars, the universe and galaxies, that earth, those injuries, the aspects involved.

I personally hope they don't try too hard or get too caught up in that.

Speaking as the person whose internal representation was changed so profoundly that day, and was changed by ME MYSELF without the help of a therapist, divine intervention or a log falling on my head, just for the asking, just for taking the time out to play that story through, which took perhaps five minutes in all, I am just grateful that IT IS NOW DIFFERENT.

This will help me in life in ways I can't foresee at all just yet.

I might be thinking in terms of falling in love with a man and having a nice romance, but with wisdom of age I realise it's probably a lot more global and a lot more complicated than that.

There will be benefits. There already are; but with Project Sanctuary interventions, it is often not until years later, when you find yourself in a totally different place from what you used to know that all of a sudden the realisation strikes that this all happened because of a story or a journey you undertook and which changed you.

Project Sanctuary is a really fascinating thing, and to practise the basic skills often and have them be a part of one's life is in and of itself, completely transformational.

Here is one more example:

Part IV: Changing State With Project Sanctuary

I was just rushing from point a to point b in a state of advanced stress/overwhelm (which is usually a, if not the, component of stress!) and actually noticed how stressed I was.

So I asked my good old Lord Ashtar (Silvia's pet name for her energy mind) if he could say something to me that would alleviate said state of stress in a single sentence, and it said (loudly):

"I swim through life like a dolphin."

This made me chuckle as I have some dolphin reversals left over from the olden days of mind, body & spirit, but then I thought about it.

It was very neat to touch that. I think I've heard it said that dolphins go so fast because they leave a bit of their skin behind as they slide through the water - it reduces friction and keeps the skin fresh. Of course, there's a whole lot more behind that metaphor. I wonder what kind of attitude dolphins have to the Creative Order, and their own personal unfoldments within it? Then there's this whole thing of living and moving in a truly 3 dimensional way, and perceiving the environment like that ...

Either way, "I swim through life like a dolphin" produced a noticeable energy shift in many different and interesting ways all through my body, mind and sensations.

And I feel much, much better now!

So if you want to play, have a think.

What single event/image/metaphor would relieve all your stress as promptly as the dolphins relieved mine?

And if you get one and it works, keep that thought handy.

It might be useful for future reference under similar circumstances.


"When I was sent this book to review, I had no idea how powerful Project Sanctuary was. I found myself lucid dreaming and in the process discovered things about myself that delighted and astounded me." Morya Short. The Sedona Journal

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