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Acting On Reality - One Rule For All

Acting On Reality - One Rule For All

It is true that Project Sanctuary is very *different* from all other approaches to contacting and working with the energy mind.

There are many structural differences, derived from the deep structure and the pre-suppositions of the cosmology that underlies Project Sanctuary; but at the top level one of the most striking difference to all existing theories on the human mind is that we do NOT make a distinction between waking thought, dream, fantasy, imagination, memory, false memory, vision, hallucination - in Project Sanctuary we apply just ONE SINGLE SET OF STRATEGIES to them all.

This has some fascinating repercussions ...

Here is a simple example from the TV show Deep Space 9.

Here, we have people using technology to enter a person's mind to extract information before they die.

The people enter into the dying man's mind and there comes a point where they are no longer sure if what they experiencing is a dream, a fantasy, if they have woken up already and they are back in "ordinary reality", or even if the man died and took them with him into an unknown death dimension of some kind.

As you can imagine, this confused the good people and "they did not know what to do any more", rendering them essentially inactive, and helpless.

If they had been experienced Project Sanctuary players, this would not have troubled them - because it didn't matter if they were in a dream, a death realm, or in waking reality.

The structures of behaviour and survival in ALL OF THEM are EXACTLY THE SAME.

So there is only one form of behaviour, one course of action, one set of strategies that is being used ACROSS THE BOARD and it always works - because it simply works with what there is in an intelligent fashion, and then it doesn't matter if you are in a prison, in a weekend seminar, on a beach, for real, in a memory, a future imagination, a dream, a dream within a dream, a vision.

You always know what to do and you always do the right thing.

What is this right thing, exactly?

Underlying the whole concept of a single, unified set of strategies to deal with ALL HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS OCCURRENCES is that we treat EVERYTHING AS ENTIRELY REAL.

This takes out all manner of confusion, second-guessing, self doubt, doubt, fear, uncertainty in an instance.

As we take it for granted that wherever you find yourself, and whatever is going on, it's here, now, and it is perfectly real, it is obvious that now, we must act.

First, there is a VERY FAST assessment of the local conditions IN CONTEXT to one's own state and appearance of that time.

Who am I here? What is going on here? What is the environment?

If you land in a hell dimension and you're naked, one of the first steps to take is to get your feet off the floor so they don't burn.

Action is taken to guarantee survival here and as soon as possible.

Once this is established, attention is paid to the habitat one finds oneself in.

We learn to assess the local conditions and conventions - this is a skill set that Project Sanctuary players learn and that can only be discovered by practice, by dealing with many habitats and changes in local conventions.

What happens is that instead of "terrified, horrified and traumatized", a Project Sanctuary player remains resourceful and pays attention to the most important aspects of the environment in the correct order for survival first, then for assessment of the local conditions, and thirdly to begin to leverage the local conditions to their advantage.

This basic skills-and-mind-set is of course totally transferrable to all and any situation a human consciousness might find itself in - and here we are with the basic tenement that it REALLY does NOT matter if it is a memory, or a dream, or a hallucination, or even experienced waking reality for that matter - with this basic skill set in place, survival is not quite guaranteed, but certainly much more achievable, no matter how insane, bizarre, or seemingly illogical the environments become.

There really is only ONE RULE for all these human thought based, consciousness based processes; and with experience, a Project Sanctuary player learns this, and begins to understand that what they do in Sanctuary does not just translate perfectly back into the hard, it is often MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE, LOGICAL, AND BENEFICIAL to act "in the Sanctuary way" WHERE EVER you find yourself in consciousness.

And that removes and reduces fear, and stress, and definitely insanity, and allows a person to act INTELLIGENTLY in an infinity of ever-changing habitats and environments, thus representing a practical skill set that is PRICELESS for any time, and anywhere - and most especially, for living successfully in the Hard.

Acting On Reality © Silvia Hartmann April 2009



"Project Sanctuary is a map of your own inner manifesting realm; a guide for your unique garden, buildings, architecture; and a language and travel guide all rolled into one." Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

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