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Vampires In Sanctuary

Vampires In Sanctuary

The vampire myth, in its many different shapes and flavours, is a powerful and very exciting one, no matter which way you look at it.

Whether you are the timid virgin, quivering with a totally unknowable excitement as the beautiful immortal alien stranger descends upon you to give you a kiss of life like you've never had, or whether you prefer to be the vampire master, don the cloak of darkness yourself and look upon the tender quivering virgin from that particular vantage of delight, or even if ...


... you like to play the role of the vampire slayer, indeed, Vampires In Sanctuary can be so much fun!

There is much heated debate as to whether the metaphor of vampire is about death, or sex, or incest, or probably a delicious mixture of all of the above; either way, vampires are fascinating.

Not to everyone, of course - but to those who are fascinated by vampires, it's a tough topic to get over, if ever we do.

Now in the beginning of this article on vampires in sanctuary I have already suggested (I am given to that, being a hypnotist!) that one might play all three roles and take it in turn to discover the delights, as well as the drawbacks and limitations of each one in turn - the victim, the vampire, and the vampire slayer.

The fact is that although we tend to have a "natural proclivity" to choose one and not the others, we are perfectly capable of transforming into either and learning a lot in the process - you could say, one learns more than the sum of the three parts.

Also, that question of "natural proclivity" which of course I have placed in inverted commas for good reason.

People aren't born to be either vampires, the victims of vampires, or a vampire slayer.

THINGS HAPPEN in our lives which PREDISPOSE us to FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE in one role rather than another, or the third.

If we stay "in that groove" of predisposition, we give a lot of our incarnation over to perpetrators of many hues and shades and kinds; to accident, to incident, to sheer bad luck.

Further, and as the capacity to be each of the three absolutely exists in every human being, and no matter how hard they cling to their victim, master, slayer niche, if we stay with our preferences all the time, we deny the aspects of ourselves that are much more suited to the others an outing, experience, expression and - release.

Sanctuary allows us to step into these roles, to BECOME these seemingly separate beings which all, at the end of the day, are nothing but expressions of human behaviour in general, and in doing so, we begin to exercise aspects of ourselves that have been denied or neglected.

Whenever that happens, something amazing happens - we begin to learn, we begin to grow.

At first it may seem uncomfortable to don the cloak of the master vampire, or that of the vampire slayer if all you've ever thought yourself to be was a victim and vice versa, versa - but the gains in this particular game are truly remarkable.

From each one of these separate roles, you get less than a third of the truth of the matter - for remember, the whole truth is ALWAYS more than the sum of its parts. If you can become each one of these three viewpoints on the same events, you get a very real form of mental TRIANGULATION occurring - a reconnection and a higher plane view of what has always been there.

We can learn the most when we work with the aspects we have denied the most.

We absolutely increase our overall capabilities of thought immediately when we work with our weakest links. It makes all of us stronger, and in every way.

Further, and as Project Sanctuary is a special kind of device that deals with conscious/unconscious communication, we can't help but experience a bridging of those parts of us that were most at war with one another. That is a real energetic occurrence - pathways that have not been travelled for a long time are being opened up, explored, re-connected to the greater grid of the entire totality.

So and after that psych-talk, let's go beyond that and simply do the real Project Sanctuary thing which makes it so exciting and so much fun - LET'S JUST PLAY!

Vampire in my garden

Invite vampires into your sanctuary.

CHOOSE which way you are going to play this time.

SEE the three different costumes there, ready for YOU (who isn't any of these, and at the same time, is all of these and THEN SOME!) to step into for this act, for this experience, for this story.

Choose one and begin.

It is absolutely fascinating and a wonderful alien world to explore - and yet, it isn't so alien. There's something in all of us that is interested in questions of immortality, of power, of dominance, of being overpowered, of being harmed, of justice, and of retribution.

Project Sanctuary gives us an opportunity to learn about these things in a very personal way, first hand, by playing the vampire game.

Of course, you can play cowboys and indians if vampires don't turn you on.

But for those who are that way inclined, there sure is something very, very special about having vampires in sanctuary :-)



October 2006


"Deepest, heartfelt thanks to Silvia Hartmann and the powers that be for presenting Project Sanctuary and the whole paradigm that radiates around it - or perhaps from it. First time I have ever been able to honestly say β€œlife-altering transformational!" Laura Moberg

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