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The Far Journeys

The Far Journeys

For serious Project Sanctuary Players, here's something very cool indeed - four guided journeys to different planes that are difficult to reach sometimes - The Far Journeys.

Go to Shamanic Overworld, do Soul Pilots work, very highly abstract logic work with Crystal Cathedral or advanced vision streaming with the Game In Space & Time.

At the end of the article is a link so you can listen to an excerpt.

If you have read anything of mine, by now you will have heard me say many times that Project Sanctuary is the joy of my life.

Everything I do is involved or comes directly from Project Sanctuary in the first place.

Project Sanctuary is my absolute genie in the lamp as far as intellectual and creative endeavours go, my personal Tessla machine to produce anything from advertising material via cutting edge personal development techniques and unique devices for problem solving all the way to hypnotic journeys, stories, novels, poems and songs.

I am very good at doing the mental moves required to turn simple image streaming into data streams of rich and hitherto unknown content and material, both for profit as well as for amusement, and to aid my personal development as well, but there are certainly challenges.

For example, psychic energy.

The psychic energy system, astral energy system, whatever you want to call it, once it has awoken to a degree NEEDS to be exercised. When this doesn’t happen (usually because there’s too much stress in the “hard” life), the response is apathy, low energy and depression as this circuitry backs up on itself and slows down.

Now, as soon as you’re feeling like that, tired and depressed, and usually in those states you can’t sleep well, either which goes with the psychic circuitry territory of course, it becomes very difficult to do the very thing that would get you out of your depressed low energy state.

You can’t focus properly and thus we enter a vicious spiral; it is at this point, we need a bit of help.

*I* need a bit of help – from a nice gentle person who will talk you through and encourage you into relaxation, stress release and from there into that clarity where psychic circuitry activity starts to take place, and we can use up some of that energy to make us feel brighter, clearer and lighter afterwards (much like a good orgasm, really) plus then, we can also get a good night’s sleep on top.

So I made for myself a set of Project Sanctuary inductions that are specifically designed to give me a “leg up” when I need it, that extra push to make sure I get my psychic circuitry exercise and my energy system flows cleanly again as a result.

The first one of these is obviously The Soul Pilot, the premium device to discharge built up psychic circuitry energy by healing others on the astral planes. (See here for more information on the Soul Pilots).

On a good day, I can do that just fine, just sitting on the sofa, closing my eyes and the whole process unfolds splendidly from there. But I made the Soul Pilot induction for the not good days and there, they are truly a blessing.

Earlier this year I looked at the old traditional shamanic approaches to magic and healing and I enjoyed my visits to the traditional shamanic planes of existence. There is something very nice to for a change go where so many other humans have gone before; it is a nice sense of reconnection and the information gleaned from there, or events set in motion there, are of a very particular flavour and interest.

Again, on a good day and when my focus is clear and bright, I have no trouble to set a course to go THERE rather than anywhere else; and again, I made the Overworld induction for those other days, when I need a little help; I also found in using this induction that when you are really feeling out of sorts, fighting a virus or after very busy hard world days and travel and such, this is the very plane that often has the most direct and beneficial results for every day worries and ailments. I am very pleased with that all around and I feel by adding that plane to my repertoire more strongly, there is a better balance with my general astral travel achieved.

The Crystal Cathedral induction is a mental movement of consciousness that frankly I can’t really do that well by myself, even on a very good day as yet. When we are dealing with the very abstract planes, it is just too easy to really loose consciousness and fall asleep in the meditation, simply because it’s really tricky for the consciousness to stay awake and lucid at the outer edges of what it knows already. Also, when you are going that far out, any little thing can knock you out of sync – sounds, feelings, all sorts. I find The Crystal Cathedral induction extremely helpful to help me get to those abstract places and keep me there; I am now finding after some repeated use of the Crystal Cathedral that it is becoming easier for me to “get there” even without the help of the induction, something that obviously pleases me greatly.

Finally, there’s The Game In Space and Time.

It’s really THE original, central Project Sanctuary device taken across the border.

When you first start with Project Sanctuary, the conscious mind gets to decide what habitats to build, and what you will find there – mostly, anyway.

But if you leave the building of habitats up to the conscious mind, you’ll soon discover that the conscious mind is good at REPEATING things it has already seen somewhere, but virtually or should I say, structurally entirely incapable of INVENTING SOMETHING NEW.

That’s the job of the energy mind, and in the case of the Game, we are literally reversing the original Project Sanctuary process and it is we (as in our conscious minds) that gets to sit and watch as the energy mind builds a habitat for us.

Now, the energy mind doesn’t do this for no good reason; there is always a good reason for it to show us a specific habitat. Now, we have a puzzle on our hands and we need to solve it in conjunction with our partner in that dance – the amazing thing is that the energy mind is STUCK without us going in in consciousness and making some decisions, moving on what’s happening there, making changes.

That’s why it is showing us the habitat – it needs the conscious mind to come in and move this along.


When I get fed up with the same old habitats or I have the notion that there is something just outside my conscious awareness that needs my attention, or also if I have a problem that I can’t really know what to do with, I’ll do The Game.

It’s just absolutely extraordinary what happens there, each and every time it just blows me away and leaves me with a newfound sense of wonder at the ways of human thought, mind, intelligence, energy and life in general!

So that’s the Far Journeys, and why I wrote them, originally just for me and recorded on a mini disc without music.

When I had finished the set, I heard someone say that they didn’t think they could do as well as I do because they still weren’t very good at visualisation; so I added a visualisation trainer/exercise to the set. It’s based on my experience with hypnosis, NLP and EMO, peppered with post hypnotic suggestions and with regular use, I swear Lassie will start to see colours and shapes that will resolve themselves to clarity eventually!

Project Sanctuary has always been one of those things that suffers from the bad entrainment people have received in life and at school, telling them they are not creative, not imaginative, can’t see things in their mind’s eye and so forth – people look at Project Sanctuary and THINK it’s difficult.

But it isn’t.

It’s NATURAL. It’s easy and it really is just a question of using it, or losing it.

That’s too scary a thought for me, that makes me shudder. My life would be a pile of shite, and I kid you not, if it wasn’t for Project Sanctuary and all the amazing things you can do with it, and it can do for you.

There are two kinds of people in my experience. There are those who “get” Project Sanctuary instantly and cry out, “Yeah! At last! I’ve been doing this all my life and I love it! How great to have it set out so neatly and so many new ideas to use it even more! Heureka!”

And then there are those who just don’t think that has anything to do with THEM.

Creativity? Genius? Information streams from the energy mind? Metaphor? Higher intelligence? Astral travel? Paranormal abilities? Spiritual development? Personal healing? Contributing to the world’s knowledge base?

Hell I’m just a brick layer …

Yeah well you might be, but you are also A HUMAN BEING.

With that fabulous brain that dreams and remembers and it’s all working if you can manage to get into your car without getting lost, read a newspaper or turn on the TV.

Little kids can do PS without breaking their stride. Once they’re going to school, it seems they find it more difficult. The older they get, the harder it gets or so it seems, and that’s a fucking TRAGEDY.

A tragedy for humanity on the whole.

Guys, look around yourselves.

We really need people who can solve problems in a cohesive, innovative and most of all, intelligent way – their own problems and societies problems, at that.

We need the skills that you learn when you do Project Sanctuary – or re-learn it, because you could have done it just fine when you were three.

See now you’ve got me on my hobby horse, and I’m starting to make speeches.

But the fact is that I know EVERYBODY has got what it takes to start talking to their energy mind again, and in the process, to regain something that is so precious, I have no words for it.

I know that for fact and I’ve lived it, and I’m still as enthusiastic about it as ever. That’s why I’m making these things, and I find them helpful and useful.

For absolute beginners reading this, I would recommend they try the First Sanctuary demo and go on to the original Project Sanctuary manual which is the starting point to working in this unique and uniquely respectful way with your SELF.

For Project Sanctuary players, you’ll find the Far Journeys an extremely useful tool to keep you on track and not waste time along the way, as well as device to get you to a point where you can travel to these different realms with ease because you know exactly where they are and your focus has improved to that degree.

That’s why I am doing them, that’s what I made them for.

And I’m happy to share them with those who feel likewise.

Silvia Hartmann

November 2006

Far Journeys CD Set

More Information About The Far Journeys

Listen To An Excerpt Of Far Journeys Online


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"I adore Project Sanctuary. It is such a fabulous way to get answers, and new solutions. I notice the most positive change both within the sanctuary and in the outer world, in relationships. Fabulous." Debbie Hazelton

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