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We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

There is one thing that makes the difference between someone who "gets" Project Sanctuary, and someone who doesn't.

One particular event that determines whether we are dealing with just fantasy, or something very shamanic, very REAL indeed.

There is a moment of enlightenment that describes the entrance into the REAL Project Sanctuary realms, and that is the moment when a person sits up in shock and says, "But *I* did NOT do that!"

When we fantasize, *we* make things up. The *WE* that makes these things up, the plural of the *I*, that would be the conscious mind, the thing we think with when we are awake.

*We* know who *I* is, and we have an idea of what "I can do" - talents, skills, physical attributes, intelligence, good looks and so forth.

So *we* go into Sanctuary, and there *we* construct luxury villas and get fabulous lovers, and that's all good and well, UNTIL...

Until that moment comes and something happens, and *we* did NOT DO THAT.

It's a very personal moment when someone walks into their fantasy building, and there's a stranger there they never put there or they never invited.

Or perhaps there is a strange artefact they never put there.

Or something they put into their fantasy has disappeared without a trace and there is a totally different landscape from what there was before.

And the person is shocked and realises in that moment that ...


There's somebody - some thing! - else there over which they have no control, and they have no idea who that is, or how this could have happened.

Most people are thoroughly shocked by this at first.

The fact that they are not "just making it all up in their heads" any longer and that there is some OTHER thing going on to just fantasizing and daydreaming, some thing that has a mind of its own *is* shocking to most people.

Everybody walks around with weird ideas about the energy mind (unconscious mind, subconscious mind) but how many people have actual experience, direct experience of its presence, its intelligence, and that it is ABSOLUTELY REAL?

The beauty of this moment is that life will never be the same again.

Obviously, Project Sanctuary will never be the same again!

All of a sudden, there is that respect I always talk about. There is understanding WHY I talk about "learning to speak the language like you were a foreigner in a foreign country". The whole concept of playing games with a total alien so you get to BOTH learn to understand each other better and start to CO-OPERATE WITH EACH OTHER clicks into place.

Now, in fact, all of Project Sanctuary makes sense.

Why we play games.

Why we use habitats.

What a friend is, and what a threshold really is.

  • That, and a thousand more fascinating things a person might have heard about, and wondered about, all click in as being REAL, as being ACHIEVABLE, and as being very literally a doorway to a totally different take on life, the universe and everything.

Starting with the self.

Once you start to understand that "you" are not just "you" but actually, you are "you PLUS" the self concept changes - of course.

All of a sudden you are standing at the beginning of something amazing, when you thought you had pretty much worked out how the world works by now.

There are too many things that change for a small article like this, but one thing I will mention is that from the moment you have had your first "Something just happened - but I didn't do that!" experience, you will then also be able to tell the difference between a real Sanctuary experience, and someone just fantasizing in the old fashioned way.

This gives you the ability to tell fake prophets from real prophets; real works of art from impostors; a real story from a "Hollywood-machine" produced nothing; and a real idea from just some flight of fancy.

That's a priceless skill and something I consider to be one of the holy grails of personal development, which guarantees freedom from false gurus and allows you to learn in a whole new way.

If you have had your "Oh my God that wasn't me! I didn't do that!!!" experience with Sanctuary, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you haven't had this experience yet, be of good cheer!

Keep playing. Make a habitat, use the First Sanctuary download to get started, visit it often, have some fun there and then the day will come when "it happens to you" - when YOUR VERY OWN ENERGY MIND steps forward and makes its presence known.

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Project Sanctuary

"So much to explore, so much to create, so much infinite time to do it all in Project Sanctuary."Β Barbara Saph

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