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The Game In Space & TimeProject Sanctuary Manual

Games are at the very heart of Project Sanctuary - this is when we engage with a vision, with a habitat, with a friend or simply move into the world we have found or created and interact with what we find there.

Don't let the word "game" fool you.

Games can be about life and death; about absolution, forgiveness, love and loss; about self discovery, about getting up close and personal with God itself.

Games can also be for amusement; they can be sexy, fun, enjoyable, exciting, breathtaking and numinous, and that is just as important in its own right, because we don't have enough fun and lightness in our lives, not by a long shot!

We use the term "to play a game" to remind ourselves to lay down our prejudices, entrainments, erroneous beliefs and judgements when we enter into the Sanctuary realms and conduct ourselves there as a child would - wide eyed, fully focused, learning all the time, making that world and all it holds your own.

The more games you play, and the more DIFFERENT types of games you play in Sanctuary, the more rounded your experience becomes, the more you learn, and the better a Project Sanctuary player you will be as a direct result.

More about The Game In Space & Time

Winter Lands Sanctuary

Winter Lands Sanctuary

Ice spirits, crystal transporter pads, rainbow mirrors, dreaming rooms, gothic windows into other dimensions - take a trip to a very different place, a locus that is well known to song and tale - these are the realms of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, the Snow Queen's ice palace, and where Father Christmas has his magic workshop.

SFX reports on an expedition using the First Sanctuary meditation.

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Past Life Regression - Without Trance or Hypnosis!

Past Life Regression - Without Trance or Hypnosis!

Do you want to bring some past life concerns into Sanctuary but not sure how?

Do you have a sense of Past Lives but can't quite get to the details? Always wanted to do Past Life Regression but don't like the idea of hypnosis, or it you tried it with less than entirely amazing results?

Well here's the answer - past life regression without the hypnosis!

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Fantastic Space Images

Fantastic Space Images

I've been collecting space backgrounds for a while. Well, everyone needs some sort of a hobby ... But anyway, I've put them all into a collection directory. This also includes some of the totally mindblowing Hubble deep space galaxies photographs. If you ever feel your problems are overwhelming, go look at those. It kinda puts our life on Earth into perspective, that's for sure ...

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The Wishing Elf

The Wishing Elf

Do you remember when you were small, perhaps you made a wishlist at some time. Perhaps you wrote to Father Christmas, or perhaps you just made one on a scrap of paper just for yourself one day.

Perhaps you stood in front of an ancient wishing well and closed your eyes and threw your coin, and then another, and then another?

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Sanctuary Bring & Buy Sale!

Sanctuary Bring & Buy Sale!

This is a really good fun pattern to allow groups or friends to trade "resources" of the magical kind.

Two people can play this quite happily, the more, the merrier. But of course, one can also just attend an astral bring and buy - there are many across the planes and the layers :-)

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Hatching Money

Hatching Money

I wrote the story "Witch Proud" this afternoon and a little while later, went to bed, still in that state the story does describe, evoke, whatever one might call it.

Hypnotically suggest, at that.

Either way, I got to thinking about many things and their energies and how they might benefit from being awoken in that manner.

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Tesla Machines - A Quick How To ...

Tesla Machines - A Quick How To ...

I'm sure you all heard about Mr Tesla and his amazing machines, that he built and ran in his mind in quantum time, then went back to check and measure which parts had worn out and when he came to build them for "real" they functioned beautifully, the problems having long been found and ironed out in the mindspace trial runs.

I've heard it too and just put it aside, as something Mr Tesla could do, being a genius, but not available to me as an ordinary human being. 

But actually that's not so. 

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Night Eyes

Night Eyes

I just love Project Sanctuary to bits! Ok, I'll rephrase that - it truly delights me. It really, really, really does. I had the most fantastic, but really fantastic experience yesterday with it. So, I'm just lying in a very hot bath, thinking how totally amazing it feels to be in this hot water and drifting with the wonderful sensations.

These days at the *slightest opportunity* these other thoughts, images and sensations come to me and in an instant, I am transported into the world of "Ice River" beyond the "gate of far perspective".

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Goal Future Past Memories

Goal Future Past Memories

One of the core practices in NLP and personal development in general is to "visualise the desired outcome state" of a goal and to make it as real as possible.

Now I have my problems with the entire concept, but here's something for advanced Project Sanctuary users or beginner magicians, much the same thing really, that works a little different and may turn out to be slightly ... hmmmm ... well shall we be careful and say, more effective?

More transformative?

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The Red Stilettos Game

The Red Stilettos Game

This is a very, very neat Project Sanctuary game that, if played correctly, will help "align the planes and the totality".

Its name comes from the observation that many women wear red stilettos on the outside, which are the sign of sexual availability, or the metaphor thereof, but "on the inside", they are really a librarian who wants to be admired for their book learning. Or vice versa!

This sort of thing is a form of massive incongruency which causes - well, catastrophes, really, from their love life to their "self concept", What it does to their energy systems, I can't begin to imagine, only that it can't be good, whatever that is ...

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Natural Healing - While You Sleep!

Natural Healing - While You Sleep!

Here is a seemingly simple technique that combines lessons from advanced hypnotherapy, the quantum energy spaces and the new energy healing approaches to make bed time a time of true R&R for all parts of your mind and your body.

*This is a classic Project Sanctuary Pattern, adjusted for the general public or as an introduction to the benefits of PS.

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Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

Prosperity Hypnosis Script - The Game In Gold

Would you like to be richer? Have a better attitude to money or gold? Get your finances under control? If yes, enjoy this Project Sanctuary game of magic that is easy to play and very educational! Enjoy!

*** Hypnotherapists, this is a perfect prosperity or abundance creation Hypnotherapy script which can also be used for self hypnosis if read aloud on tape.

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