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Goal Future Past Memories

Goal Future Past Memories

One of the core practices in NLP and personal development in general is to "visualise the desired outcome state" of a goal and to make it as real as possible.

Now I have my problems with the entire concept, but here's something for advanced Project Sanctuary users or beginner magicians, much the same thing really, that works a little different and may turn out to be slightly ... hmmmm ... well shall we be careful and say, more effective?

More transformative?

We shall see. And of course, sense, feel, hear and receive.

Now, first of all, we are going to start with the "required outcome". This time, we'll make it right and do it properly, PS style, from the habit outwards and inwards so we actually create a STABLE MINDSPACE in which we can then work, rather than some flighty daydreamy thing that just dissipates as soon as the exercise is over.

Step 1, for your "goal" habitat platform, what is the time of day, the season, and the weather?

Step 2, what is the landscape, environment, where in the World is this?

Step 3, slowly, but slowly, turn through 360 degrees and describe what you can see around you, making sure to briefly stop at the four directions of the compass so you fix the orientation.

Now, as to move into the habitat to stabilise the whole thing and make it workable, make it real.

1. Look up and experience the weather and the skies.

2. Look down and experience the surface you are standing on, the temperature, sounds, experiences and sense of being in this place at this time.

Now it gets interesting and this is the quantum leap step in this pattern which takes it beyond and outside normal goal visualisations.

3. We move time forward by say, three years, and what you now need to do is to REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE WHEN FIRST YOU ARRIVED HERE.

Really, really remember what it was like BACK THEN, THREE YEARS AGO, WHEN YOU FIRST ARRIVED HERE at this your goal, when you achieved your outcome and tell it first person to yourself, a document, a tape recorder or another person who is listening.

Make them understand just what that was, what that meant for you back then, how that "required outcome achieved" impacted your life and helped you along, what you learned about having achieved it.

4. Then come back to the "3 years beyond the moment of goal" and give some comments about what has happened since, what you've understood since, and, very importantly, talk for a little while about your hopes and dreams for the future, your plans and such.

5. Then say farewell and return to the here and now.

For old time's sake I'll make a few comments about this pattern although to advanced PS players it would make sense anyway.

Instead of the goal being the end point on the timeline, it becomes an interim point that may be accessed from more than one place. The accessing from the beyond the ro point creates that density of "future memory" that has the quality of a lucid dream experience, and actually is exactly the right way to do those kind of goal setting exercises to get them become completely associated and REAL.

We are very used to recalling memories and in the recalling of the memories, they are installed and furthered, often embellished, but become either way, neurological REALITIES.

This pattern borrows that well practiced ability of our minds to MAKE MEMORIES at will but it can only work from the future to the past because of our current entrainments.

It further opens up a much wider perspective on the timeline, or lifeline, really, by calling up the new goals of the 3 years past the original goal point identity.

In doing so, it creates a spiral pattern that can be repeated out and beyond, and in different increments if necessary. This structurally loosens up a lot of the past future divisions we hold and which are damaging to a nice, neat Even Flow in life's progressions.

As always, have fun,


PS. If you're new here and haven't a clue what I'm talking about, but somehow feel this might be important, keep it and look at it again in six months or so. It'll make sense then.

"Project Sanctuary is your own personal Stargate to all the Universe has to offer! I knew it was there, but Project Sanctuary helped me find it, find myself." Β Jeremy Cush

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