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Sanctuary Bring & Buy Sale!

Sanctuary Bring & Buy Sale!

This is a really good fun pattern to allow groups or friends to trade "resources" of the magical kind.

Two people can play this quite happily, the more, the merrier. But of course, one can also just attend an astral bring and buy - there are many across the planes and the layers :-)


Sanctuary Bring & Buy Sale

I'm going to have a "bring & buy" sale.

So I would invite you all to have a rummage around in your sanctuaries to see if you can find something you might be willing to trade for something *you haven't yet got* and that might be extremely magical, extremely useful and highly desirable to carry back home.

Here's what I'm bringing:

1. A small tree in a pot. It looks glassy and very attractive and is entirely see-through - sap, leaves, the lot. Sparkles in the sunlight. These trees grow to be really big trees and you can take the leaves, pull them apart and use them to make all sorts of things because one side is sticky with the see-through sap - they dry really hard and water-proof. You can make windows, vases, ornaments of all kinds with these or just have them around the place looking attractive (they can be propagated by cuttings).

2. A fish tank with two of my patented multi-coloured rainbow fish. They are really cool - they change through all the colours of the rainbow in waves, quite fast and are about the size of a well grown gold fish when they grow up.

3. A collection of magical rings - 6 of them, to be precise. One of each: ruby, diamond, sapphire, opal (white), emerald and a very strange ultraviolet one set in platinum. They seem to be superfluous to requirements.

Ok, see what you've got and bring it over.

You'll know where to come.




ohhhh this is excellent!

i quite fancy those rings actually.. lets see if i have anything you would like, silvia....

i have:

1. a pensieve (brand new). all those thoughts and memories you would like to keep yet you need to make way for other, newer memories/thoughts, can be stored here. silver with gold detail and pewter finish.

2. a massuer (he appears to be a mute. comes from either belieze or stoke newington). very nice touch, even if he is a bit surly looking. i'm upgrading to 2 ayuravedic massueses. fahbulerzz..

3. bamboo rocking chair (extra wide)

4. string quartet (violin, 2 violas, cello). very experienced at playing anything you need at that precice moment. (i am, of course, upgrading to a 50 piece orchestra. well, needs must) note: all of the musicians come from russia, so you might need to stock up on vodka.

5. a saudi arabian fantasy (quite worn)

6. beautifully carved elfish writing desk. secret drawers and constant aroma of cakes cooking are just 2 of the key features. years of faithful service.

i would really like an unusual water-feature for my roof garden. anyone got anything suitable? i love anything in tarnished copper (especially with jewel decoration).

with love,

gaura xoxox

This is seriously funny :-)

I've had two people talk to me about this this morning already in real life (my god where will it end!).

One said they wanted to bring something but couldn't bring themselves to give anything away!

Gaura is obviously seriously upgrading and I'm only letting things go that seem self-regenerating so I'm not actually letting anything go either.

Young man this morning when prompted came out with the following he'd bring (and his strategy was clearly to get rid of stuff that might be better off in a skip - don't you just love those at a bring and buy!!!)

1. 1 bedraggled old cat that hates you (to include potential flea circus investment opportunity).

2. 12 shabby Father Christmasses (sold as seen)

3. Invisible cracked pot (purposes unknown, sold as unseen)

I'm sorry but that cracks me up totally. Who says you can't have masses of fun doing this? For a reason I cannot discern, I have another item which is being delivered as we speak, namely a mosh-pit full of Pearl Jam fans. That was quite difficult to transport as they kept falling off the edges when you lifted the floor surfaces ...

(collects herself)

Ok, Gaura I am happy to trade you 3 rings for that russian string quartet. For some reason I find that very attractive.

Which ones would you like?



i'm laughing so hard .. *hugs* for that.. ooo


ok, i would REALLY love the emerald ring, the ruby one and the sapphire. i was going to go with the ultraviolet one but then i realised i actually need the other ones. what are their powers?

as soon as i told them, the russians packed their instruments and have (rather toothless) grins on their faces as they sit there with their coats on ready to go. (btw, ananga knew you'd go for those guys :o) hee..)

sending you love

gaura xox

ll right! The trade is done!

Just before I go, sth interesting happened to the Russian string quartet.

I was going to cheer them up in my welcome reconvalescence spa but as soon as they got there, they immediately took their heavy old moth-eaten winter coats off (which was to be expected).

Next, they started on their rather tattered clothes (ookaay, I thought, I guess they want to go for a swim, better turn away here ...)

But then they went on *to take their skins and bodies off* and underneath were these opalescent, white *beings*, totally amazing in all ways.

They then cracked open the musical instruments and extracted these fluid things, also white, and all of them and the instruments merged into this totally amazing *music field* that was just nothing like I have ever heard or felt or anything - wow!

I must have gotten the bargain of the century there - thank you so very much Gaura for bringing them!!!!

They are everywhere now and all you have to do is be still for a moment and there it is - this new strand of harmonicness just in the air, in the water - oooooh ....



From The Project Sanctuary Group, December 2002

"Project Sanctuary is was one of the most freeing, validating things I have ever read." Valerie Collins

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