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Inspirational Poem: Mysterious Box

Inspirational Poem: Mysterious Box

An inspirational poem, an educational poem, a Project Sanctuary journey, a HypnoDream - the mysterious box has many things inside ...

On the brightwhite sandy beach
of the island of my dreams ...

Mysterious Box image by Silvia Hartmann

Mysterious Box

On the brightwhite sandy beach
of the island of my dreams
I was walking the shore
when I saw in the distance
that something was rocking
backwards and forwards
with the waves.

Intrigued, I headed towards it.

As I came closer,
I could see it was a box,
and as I came closer still,
I saw it was a treasure chest.

A big smile came to my face.
My pace quickened.
I ran into the water to secure
this mysterious item,
marvellous, strange,
exciting, so inviting,
heart pounding,
I dragged the treasure chest

The sand was hot,
the sun was hot,
the chest was old and banded
with silver; a great old lock
secured it and just for a moment,
I was disappointed;
but then I remembered
where I was
and I touched the lock
with outstretched finger tip,
and it fell open.

I took a deep breath,
extended my hands,
energy rushing,
bracing myself,
I reached out and touched,
then raised
the heavy lid.

From the darkness of shadow,
revealed, there lay a
blinding sparkling treasure
before me - gold and silver,
diamonds, rubies, emeralds
of colours pure, they took
my breath away, and then
the gentle amethysts and
all the starry sapphires,
so much treasure,
so much riches!

Beautiful it was,
and I was breathless,
so amazed,
but even more so when
a curious sense
of recognition
touched me
like an angel's wing.

I know these things!

I recognise
these treasures,
I have seen each one
before, I know each one
by name -
these are my treasures,
for these things
contain my life.

Look here!

This precious ruby
is the night when first
I saw a shooting star
and stood, his hand in mine,
and made a wish.

This sceptre is the time
when first I learned
that I can reach and touch
another, make them smile.

And here, the gentle
amethyst, it was a song,
a starlit night
and coloured lights made magic,
a guitar, a mandolin.

A deep sea pearl,
I know you well,
the tears I cried
for my lost love,
honest they were
and pure ...

And here it is,
my life,
my treasure,
come to me this day
to make me see
a something,
know a something
that I knew but
needed to

© Silvia Hartmann 06

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"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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