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A Project Sanctuary "story" is a sequence of events that has a beginning, a middle and an end and MOVES through its unfoldments.

By starting with a question, an artefact, or a problem, a story comes into being that is co-created by the conscious mind and the energy mind together and this story will eventually lead to a breakthrough on the topic - what we call a threshold shift.

Stories can be short and succinct, or very complex and involved to become a metastory, one of the most profound Project Sanctuary experiences - or any other type of experience, for that matter! - you can have.

Stories hold exponentially more information than lists of static facts; they are complex, organic metaphors. When we have Project Sanctuary story experiences and tell others about them - story telling - spontaneously a natural form of languaging comes into being that is called a metasong.

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Project Sanctuary For Two: The Golden Cathedral

Project Sanctuary For Two: The Golden Cathedral

Carna Zacharias-Miller writes: Tired of always playing alone in Sanctuary? Try this with a friend or client: Develop a Classic Game story together. It is a bonding experience and much fun!

This is actually a research project by Project Sanctuary masters Laura Moberg and Carna Zacharias-Miller. Intention: Trying out a Project Sanctuary Classic Game with an agreed upon contract, but without the established client/practitioner separation, meaning that we were developing a story together as we went along.

We would use basic Project Sanctuary and/or the Genius Symbols at own discretion and simply tap three times to signal over the phone when each individual was done relating their instalment of the story.

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The Matrix Vision

The Matrix Vision

An exploration into visions and conscious mind to energy mind communication that can change and save our lives.

And a fabulous Project Sanctuary vision->meditation->experience based on the movie, "The Matrix".

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EvP & PS Memory Enrichment - My Father Hates Me

EvP & PS Memory Enrichment - My Father Hates Me

People who know how to play Project Sanctuary well have a huge competitive advantage when it comes to psychology and counselling -

  • not only do they understand metaphors,
  • how to use metaphors correctly,
  • when to use them and when not to use them;
  • are able to discern if a metaphor is structurally sound,
  • and where or if there are problems
  • as well as how to solve them;

... but they are also aware just how one EVOLVES the metaphor or as we prefer to call it, THE STORY, so that a person may experience a threshold shift.

These are very valuable skills indeed under any circumstance, but especially so when it comes to Events Psychology memory enrichment, and of course, installation of "absent events" or missing events.

Here is a wonderful example and case story about a man who thought "My father hates me ..."

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The Ice Prince

The Ice Prince

A brand new fairy tale for 2010 - The Ice Prince by Silvia Hartmann.

The story is complete  ... are you sitting comfortably?

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The Widest Sharing

These worlds, these kingdoms I have seen, they are not anywhere. There are not in this world, they are not even real, they are more like a dream come to life, or a nightmare ....

Fantasy Fiction short story The Widest Sharing by StarFields

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Conversation With A Child

Conversation With A Child

The scene:

One very basic wooden hut which contains a small fireplace, one window, a door, a small rough bed, plank floors.

On the bed, we have a dishevelled man of about 30 years of age, long, untidy, greasy dark hair, stubble beard, curled up facing towards the wall with his arms around his shoulders.

Sitting on the side of the bed, we have one child, 4 1/2 years old, with a puppy sleeping at her feet. She holds a plain metal cup which contains water and some bits of leaves she thought to add to make a healing soup for him.

Outside, the afternoon is advancing.

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The DragonLord & The Sick Boy

The DragonLord & The Sick Boy

The story from Northold I want to share tonight is about a young man, the only son of a rich and aristocratic family, who was badly injured during birth, brain damaged through lack of oxygene we would suppose today.

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Archaeology in Sanctuary

Archaeology in Sanctuary

There are innumerable fascinating games one can play in Sanctuary.

This archaeology game came to me in response to watching Time Team on TV, where people spend three days digging at a time and never find anything of any note.

I got to musing what one might find in the way of interesting archaeological artefacts if one was to dig in Sanctuary and the following pattern and story is the outcome of that.

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Nick Gets Into Therapy

Nick Gets Into Therapy

What happened when Nick meets therapist Sandy in his quest to fall out of love.

(Nick, 35, a former advertising executive, is experiencing emotional problems following the break up with his girlfriend Julia. He can't stop thinking about her and has begun a quest to discover 99 ways to fall out of love.

We meet him here ...)

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Fantasy Fiction Story The Book Of The Law

Online complete fantasy fiction story about graves, graveyards, creatures, reclaimers, treasure and the book of the law by Silvia Hartmann.

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The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree

This is an interesting Project Sanctuary story on many different levels, created by PS Master Margreet Vink from Holland. Margreet was given a "The Gift" - a lemon tree in a pot by StarFields aka Silvia Hartmann - at one time. But rather than just saying "Thank you, that's neat!" as we usually do with The Gifts, Margreet took the The Gift of the lemon tree into her sanctuary and planted it there.

And here's what happened next ...

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Lucians Horse

Lucians Horse

Silvia writes: I was taking some time out from all that Events Psychology work and strolling in Sanctuary with my good friend, Lord Lucian, who is not a spirit guide but more of a fellow spirit, as well as providing excellent company on many occasions.

We were looking for a new game to play and after all I've been through for the past few months, something did occur to me - and it turned out to be rather special ...

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Owl In A Dream: PS Dream Interpretation

Owl In A Dream: PS Dream Interpretation

So there's a person, and they had a nightmare which woke them up in a cold sweat of fear, with heart thumping, and the nightmare featured an owl.

As usual, the dream book of off the shelf explanations didn't help at all, and they kept thinking about the owl and the dream, and they kept thinking there was an important message in that owl dream, but they weren't getting it.

So here's the owl dream resolution in true Project Sanctuary style ...

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Moon Deer

Moon Deer

Soul Piloting is inexplicable. It is an extraordinary experience, and never more so than when it comes upon one unexpected, out of the blue. There are always lessons for the living there; but Soul Piloting isn't about the lessons, it is about the stories. Here is the story of Moon Deer and her children.

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A Magic Business Ritual With The Genius Symbols

A Magic Business Ritual With The Genius Symbols

It came to pass that ideas were required to get something going that was languishing, and underperforming, and not doing well at all.All around the conference table sighed and shook their heads; many things had already been tried and they had all failed to produce profit and results, and now, everyone was depressed, and disheartened.Until one amongst them cried - "Let's get out the Genius Symbols! There MUST be things we haven't thought of yet - just one good idea will do! Let's not give up just yet, let's do it RIGHT NOW!"

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Father Christmas

Father Christmas

StarFields writes: Do you remember a time when you still believed in Father Christmas?

When the idea of a being that could deliver gifts to all the children of the world in a single night was the truth? Do you remember when you stopped believing?

Do you remember when you found out that the adults were lying, that it was a huge conspiracy against the children, and did a part of you become very sad, and very cynical at time? If so, there might be something that can be done to restore the faith in magic.

Here is my story.

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Toxic Tales: How The Wrong Stories Can Make You Sick

Toxic Tales: How The Wrong Stories Can Make You Sick

A good story has the power to heal.

A story is a containers for energy forms that the reader or listener "ingest" in the same way as someone would take a physical pill by eating it.

The wrong stories can be toxic, like the wrong chemicals - stories of misery and depression, of loss and defeat are unhealthy and we must learn to spot the toxic tales, avoid them, reject them and replace them with healing stories instead.

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Travel To A Different Planet - 7 Stories About Alien Worlds

Travel To A Different Planet - 7 Stories About Alien Worlds

Silvia writes: On the Project Sanctuary forum, I set a "Game of the Week" every so often. Players can, if they want to, play the game, Sanctuary style, and some will post the results of the game back to the forum. This week's game was as follows: "By whichever means you choose, travel to a different planet. Somewhere you have never been before. Let yourself be taken there and observe, do as must be done, then return. Travel broadens the mind :-) " Here are seven fascinating and very different stories about this journey, all of which illustrate some important aspects of playing Project Sanctuary nicely. And apart from that, they are fascinating stories, generated spontaneously and instantly - once you know how to play for your own personal development and creativity practice.

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A Story For Susy - Johnny's Bad Day

A Story For Susy - Johnny's Bad Day

Mary Haines writes: I wanted to write a story for my god daughter Susy who was going to be 4. I wanted it to be just the right story for her. So, I set my intention before entering sanctuary asking my energy mind to give me a story.

It is called "Johnny's Bad Day" and there's a link to see me reading out the story on Youtube.

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Essential Story Prescriptions: Food For Your Soul

Essential Story Prescriptions: Food For Your Soul

One of the basic premises of Project Sanctuary is that stories "carry" more information than lists of dry facts, and are therefore, superior information transmission devices. Stories (as opposed to lists of facts or statistics of such) also work more naturally with the actual neurology of human beings - stories are more memorable, more impactful, and far more stable across time than any other form of human communication. I have used this principle to transmit extremely complex information in a wonderfully easy way, easy enough in fact for little children to engage with the information content. 121 special stories, and all are available free online.

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Falling In Love - A New Story

Falling In Love - A New Story

Project Sanctuary gives us a fabulous format to explore and to change internal representations, or our personal realities, that hide out of view behind labels such as "falling in love".

"Falling in love"?

What DOES that mean? What does that mean TO YOU?

If you allow yourself to really step into it and become aware of what that *is* for you, what is it? I said mine was stepping off the edge of reason and literally falling into some huge pitch black endless stone well type of hole in the ground, out of control, screaming and flailing, and then landing bone-crunchingly at the bottom, amidst a pile of dry sculls and the dusty last remnants of other fools who had fallen into the same damn hole over the centuries!

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De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

De-Programming Fairy Tales: The Golden Horse

Silvia Hartmann writes: Fairy tales have an inordinate effect on human beings. They are very specific stories, set in a "timeless" dimension and they act on the neurology in a very specific way.

"Embedded" when we are but children, and with their true messages quite hidden under the surface, fairy tales program a range of codes of conduct and behaviour specific to the societies that tell them to train their youngsters to grow up into good productive citizens.

Fairy tales are the carriers for deep programming, as are other types of stories which function on the same timeless "once upon a time in a faraway land" principle and this programming is not just resistant to being undone later on with conscious interventions and decisions and willpower, but is actually structurally out of reach from attempts of the adult mind to free itself from these entrainments. Simply put, to de-program a fairy tale, you need ANOTHER fairy tale. And nothing else will do.

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EMO With A Dragon

EMO With A Dragon

So I waved and started my way up the mountain. It wasn’t hard to do in the beginning, but a bit later the path became less passable. I got to the part where there is less vegetation, and a bit later to the part were there is hardly any vegetation. I came to a valley in the mountains, and in that valley was a dragon.

A big, beautiful shining dragon.

His colours were yellow and orange and red. And although he was fire-breathing, I could see he was in pain. One of his beautiful wings was wounded. Because of his wounds he was irritated to see me, and spit some fire my way.

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