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The Cave of Blades

by Sandra Hillawi

The Cave of Blades

A SuperMind story from Sandra Hillawi with the Set Up:

Dear Energy Mind, take me to the perfect place in time and space where I can evolve my finances and debts.

The Cave of Blades

by Sandra Hillawi

SuperMind set up : Dear Energy Mind, take me to the perfect place in time and space where I can evolve my finances and debts.

So I went back finally to face the cave of blades. The last time I was there I had asked my Energy Mind to take me to the perfect place in time and space to evolve my finances and debts. I had arrived at the entrance to a dark cave with large triangular blades facing towards me. I became emotional and couldn’t stay long. I left the cave to tackle it another day and today was that day.

This time I entered the cave knowing what to expect. I approached one of the blades to look at it more closely. It was about half a meter long, wide at the far end where it was fixed to the wall and sharp at the point facing me, and it was about half a centimeter thick. It was silver and as I looked at the flat surface there was something living inside the blade, a trapped spirit. I sensed it moving around locked inside the blade.

I asked for help. What was needed to release the spirit from the blade? Pink rose petals and star dust appeared and descended onto the blade surface. The blade dissolved and a wisp of a spirit was set free and disappeared in to the air. The blade was no more. I turned to the other blades and chose another to approach. I evoked the magical rose petals and star dust, and the blade dissolved vanished and the spirit trapped inside was set free. I looked around at the remaining blades. Having the solution I now repeated the ritual but zoomed forwards in time. Blades dissolved in moments, and the cave was full of rose petals and stardust with wispy spirits escaping their captivity and flying off to their freedom.

At last I could enter the cave. It was still dark, but now it was safe.

I was relaxed now as I walked deeper into the darkness. I could see upon the walls of the cave several magic mirrors. I approached one and peered through the darkness to the mirror. It reflected back to me my energy body, shimmering in the darkness but there were shadow areas in the reflection. My heart area. ‘What do I need?’ I ask. Energy of courage flowed out of the mirror into my heart and that part of the cave was filled with light.

I felt lighter and warmed and strengthened by the courage. I turned to another mirror in the darkness still on another wall. There my shimmering energy body showed me the shadow in my throat. ‘My voice’ I thought. I need to speak up and speak out more. With that the energy of the mirror released the Energy of the Voice to my throat and I felt strengthened there. This part of the cave now was illuminated.

There were two more magic mirrors and they were still clouded in darkness even though the outer part of the cave was now lit up.

I approached one and peered into the glass. It showed me a young aspect of me. She was 5. I held out my hand and she emerged from the mirror and jumped into my arms. I held her and looked in her eyes. As I held her to me, I stroked her face and hair and looked at her with love. We hugged and I felt such love for this young independent bright but quiet young girl. I put her down and held her hand and we walked to the final mirror together. It was the mirror reflecting the future.

I looked down at her and she looked up at me. ‘Want to come and see?’ I asked her. She nodded. We stepped up and off the ground and entered the mirror and arrived in a huge auditorium. It was full of people. The energy of the room was happy and high. There was our future aspect on the stage. She was standing before all the people whose lives she had touched over the years to come. We could see and feel everything but were invisible to the crowd. So we went up to stand on the stage beside the future aspect to see what it felt like to be her.

She was strong in love and power. She shared from her heart and the audience was enraptured. She received such applause and recognition for her achievements. She felt strong happy and fulfilled, yet humbled by the love she received.

Me and my 5 year old aspect were still holding hands. I looked down to her and said ‘Can you see? That’s you? Can you imagine you will achieve so much, that you will mean something to so many people. I too felt excited and proud of my future aspect. She achieved a lot and finances were no longer an issue for her at all. They were a blessing.

My young aspect and I left the future habitat happily and came back to the cave. It was full of light. With a bit more magic the cave roof opened up and fell away. The blue sky and sun shone down on us as we stood on the mountain side and surveyed the land around us and we knew all was good and would be good. It was time to get to work.

Since this journey, I have felt happy and my energy for work and for reaching out, connecting with and helping others has increased. I feel more dynamic joyful and proactive, setting goals and plans again with a renewed sense of purpose.

Sandra Hillawi

28 June 2019


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  by Sandra Hillawi
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