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Desert Child

by Kirsten Ivatts

Desert Child

I did a Soul Pilot mission last night for the first time.

It was interesting and had a twist at the end that I didn't expect ...

I arrived in a desert. There was a sand dune in front of me and I turned to look behind me. It was just desert. The sand smelt of hot sun and the sky was a clear light blue. I turned back around and started walking through thick sand. It was hard work, as it constantly shifted and moved. Then suddenly there was a white stone low building in front of me with a palm tree at the side. I could hear a noise, a droning sound.

I walked closer and started to smell something unpleasant. I realised the noise was flies and the smell was, indescribable really. There was a closed door on the hut. I stood with my hand on the handle, not wanting to open it for fear of what might be inside. I had to wait until I had ETed the feeling away before wrenching open the door.

Flies were everywhere in the dim interior, but my eyes adjusted until I saw a black woman lying in a corner on a dirty blanket. In her arms was a baby. I thought they were dead and edged over, ETing all the way! Flies coated their lips and eyes. As I approached the womans eyes opened. I asked if i could help her and she pointed to her cracked lips. I knew she needed water. The baby also as he looked like a shriveled corpse. I told her I would be back and ran outside, but there was no water to be seen. Then I heard a plane in the sky. It was a small plane (like on Flying Doctors!). I quickly jumped up and down waving my hands and the plane landed. A man stepped out dressed in jeans and a shirt. I said I needed help and explained about the woman and child. He hurried after me into the hut and gave me the baby while he picked up the woman and carried her to the plane. I was sure the baby was dead but on checking his pulse I realized that he was still hanging on.

Once inside the plane we lay the woman on a stretcher type bed and gave her small amounts of water. The more she had the better she looked. She was tall, lithe and beautiful, very dark African looking. She asked how the baby was doing and I told her he needed milk. I had dabbed water into his mouth but he wasn't stirring. She tried feeding him, but her milk had gone. Then as I watched I knew I had milk coming into my own breasts. Any woman who has had a child will know this feeling. I have fed four kids and know it well!

I realised I would have to feed him. I felt a little odd. Feeding my own child has always felt right but someone elses? I had to process some energy there until I stretched out my hand for the shrivelled baby. I took out my heavy breast and rested the nipple on his cheek near his mouth, hoping it would rouse him. After a minute or so he turned his head and began to suckle. At first he was weak but gradually he grew stronger. As he drank I was filled with love for this child and woman. And he began to unshrivel and before my eyes became a beautiful chubby and healthy baby.

Eventually I handed him back to the woman. We had been flying in this time and we landed. I didn't see the pilot, we just got out of the plane. We had arrived at a beautiful, lush green gardens and palace and a man was rushing down a path towards us. He was dressed like a prince. The woman and he embraced, and they both thanked me over and over. I understood he was her husband.

Suddenly they all faded away and I was standing back in the desert. The wind was blowing and at my feet it blew the sand to reveal a skeleton of adult and baby under the sands. I was shocked. I had helped them, they were ok. And then I understood. Yes I had helped their souls reach their own version of heaven, reunited with her dead husband and the boys father. They were safe now, no longer bound to the desert where they had died. Any sadness dissolved into extreme happiness.

We are all creators creating creations endlessly.

  by Kirsten Ivatts
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