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Stairway To Heaven

by Dieter Maas

Stairway To Heaven

This Project Sanctuary story is a wonderful "explanation" of the Energy Body chart in a different way - teaching children about modern energy and in the process, we are learning in a new way in return.

Stairway To Heaven

This story comes in the context of „training kids in modern energy work“, for my own energy training business and in general, and from a discussion with Silvia about how to address our own „kid circuitry“ and that of the training participants, which is the erea in us, that needs to understand and be trained in working and playing naturally again with energy and emotion.

Yes, like this whole stuff is something for the kids in us to learn and play with…. instead of piling thia information on top of all the theories and concepts that we have learned as an adult.

And the story is actually a magical Project Sanctuary enactment of the Energy Chart, the SUE scale, that we use in modern energy work.

In our discussion, Silvia had come up with a sension.

She saw an aspect of me, with an expedition hat on, sitting on a rock in a desert area, very hot, and dusty, and the aspect was surrounded by a group of young, native children.

And a day or two later, I was in a one-on-one energy session on skype, and after some exploration and de-stressing/energising along this whole topic, and mentioning this habitat that Silvia came up with,

I did something in that dry, hot, dusty desert habitat, with the "expedition aspect" and the 15 native children, first to make the aspect come alive, and adapt to the climate, and increase energy, as before he had been paralysed.. The aspect slowly came alive and started smiling at the kids, making faces, got them laughing. This got him higher, so he remembered all of a sudden, and asked the kids if they wanted to play a game, build something, and they were enthusiastic.,

And he suggested building a ladder to happiness, happiness stairway (aka stairway to heaven) with stones they had to find for him, and they smiled and were eager to help. And he started with "normal stress," three stones he said he needed, one each for their little, middle and strong worries and doubts, and he asked who wanted to go search for the stones that represented those three types for them all, and three kids shouted and said they knew already which stones to bring.

The three children ran off... and brought back three different pebbles, one black, one reddish and one slightly more attractive greenish pebble, but they all looked much like the landscape, rather dull. And the aspect had looked around, where to build the ladder to happiness, and found a slope of a dry grass covering a little hill.

And the aspect told them that the ladder to happiness had 21 stepstones, so they needed space below and above of where the three worry stones would be placed, and asked them to place the pebbles they found for the worry stones.

They said yes and placed them on the lower end of the slope. Above a pit, and near a dry distorted dead tree at the foot of the hill.

And now the aspect asked the kids who wanted to find three stones that represented the crazy states and people, like shouting angry father, and demon people, people hitting each other. scary stern faces and such, and the three different stages of those. And three kids found three beautiful impressive stones to represent those states, and the kids placed them on the dead tree, the three branches each got to hold one, and they placed weapons like spears and a canon and what looked like a rifle around the tree.

And then he asked them to find the stones for the pit states, -8 -9 -10 where one feels like dead or close. They found stones that well represented those, one for -10 looked almost like a white corpse like human figure, and they placed all three in and around the rocky pit.

And they proceeded with the "zero zone" of -1 to +1, found three stones with a hole in the middle, only one for +1 was slightly pink and more beautiful, placed them half way up to the top of the hill. And the explained that they are maybe tired after all this stress, not always, but now at the zero stones, the stress is mostly gone, so they put them into little beds of dry moss for now.

For the low grade positive energy they found three little pretty shiny stones. and they agreed that they also still needed moss beds beneath them, because they were happier now, having happy dreams but felt like chilling out still.

Now some older boys went out for finding stones for the really happy states, +5 to +7, and brought back a multicoloured crystal for +5 that was having a real sparkle to it. and then next a stone that was shaped like a crystalised beautiful rose, and for +7 it was a red transparent crystal stone that was made up of bubbly round shapes that had beautiful inner reflections and something mysterious moving in them.

And now they were almost up at the top. And the atmosphere had already changed a lot. The dusty hot stickiness had changed into a clear, beautiful evening sunlight, mild and soothing and a cool breeze,

Last stones were fetched by the three oldest kids, who smiled secretively, "We know which stones must be placed next and we have them!" they said, and five minutes later they were back, with three amazing big and beautiful magical treasures.

A piece of gold, rounded and bigger but same bubbly rounded type shape than the +7, golden and shiny, with sparkling magical reflections, very hypnotic to look at. and then a big piece of black shiny obsidian, with sparkling shiny metallic silver vein shaped lightning forming a web on it. Beautiful.

Last, a huge water clear crystal with all kinds of inner reflections and great depth, a true and powerful portal stone. The children placed the three power stones on the remaining step to the hill top with the portal on the highest point.

And the portal started to glow in the evening sun...

and the air was filled and flooded with energy. And they were all blown away by the intensity and the beauty of the habitat.....

Everything changed from thereon. The desert was gone, the land had come alive....

Magic filled the air and was everywhere....

The kids all smiled broadly and were chatting excitedly. and before they ran home they asked the aspect when they would play the next time.…


Dieter Maas, Germany


  by Dieter Maas
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"When I was sent this book to review, I had no idea how powerful Project Sanctuary was. I found myself lucid dreaming and in the process discovered things about myself that delighted and astounded me." Morya Short. The Sedona Journal

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