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Creative Art

Creative Art From The Energy Mind

Project Sanctuary art is always based on information that was streamed from the energy mind directly.

This information can be interpreted as a song, a sculpture, a painting, in many different forms of writing, can be woven into a tapestry, converted into a digital image, into a symbol, into a dance.

Project Sanctuary states that anything a human being makes that comes from a communication (vision) from their OWN energy mind, and is rendered truthfully and honestly, as best as the person can do it, IS ART.

This opens art to all and ends the exclusivity bestowed on those who have "studied" art for decades. It also gives a guideline of what is not real art - things that are dishonestly made, or constructed from second hand information and not based on an original datastream by the person's own energy mind.

For more information about Modern Energy Art, please visit

Visit The 23 Online Exhibition!

Visit The 23 Online Exhibition!

Silvia Hartmann writes: To celebrate my 46th birthday, I have a brand new exhibition of abstract modern art online from August 23rd, 2005: The 23 Exhibition by StarFields

Lots of fun colours, fun shapes and things to fire the imagination.

Project Sanctuary players, find the Treasure Map and take a look - where do you think the treasure is buried ...? And what might be the scale of that map ...?

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The Crystal Magician

The Crystal Magician

Not at all far away from here, there lived a very bad boy.

He did not have any friends, for he wasn’t very friendly; and he was always in trouble for the things he said, he did, and others said he did, whether he had done these things or not.

Nobody liked him and everyone found constant fault with him; the people in whose house he lived thought him a burden and told him so in no uncertain terms.

One night, after having done something bad again and having been punished again, the boy had enough and although it was dark and raining, he ran away from home.

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Creative People On The Web - Stephen Brooke

Creative People On The Web - Stephen Brooke

Silvia Hartmann writes: In my travels around the web, I come across some really interesting people who do wonderful and creative things.

I'm pleased that Project Sanctuary Portal gives me a place to showcase such sites properly rather than just with a tedious link.

So, and to kick off the new section of "Creative People On The Web", here's Steven Brooke, author, singer, musician, producer and artist.

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The Ocean Creature

The Ocean Creature

Shovelling the ocean with a teaspoon.

So, that's how it is.

A weary drop at a time ...

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In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary

In Sanctuary is a powerful, short metasong story from the book of fairy tales, The Golden Horse.

This story concerns a little girl who demanded far more from the world around her than was seemly ...

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City In The Sky

City In The Sky

City in the sky is a classic metasong - a description of a Project Sanctuary habitat in the form of what one might call a metaphor poem.

The original vision/experience also inspired a painting.

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The Golden Horse

The Golden Horse

This is a beautiful PS story in classic fairy tale format for those who may need a time of healing, a spark of healing creativity and a little magic ...

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"Project Sanctuary is the easiest and the most difficult thing I ever did at the same time. But oh, what rewards does it give!!" Margreet Vink