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Creative People On The Web - Stephen Brooke

Creative People On The Web - Stephen Brooke

Silvia Hartmann writes: In my travels around the web, I come across some really interesting people who do wonderful and creative things.

I'm pleased that Project Sanctuary Portal gives me a place to showcase such sites properly rather than just with a tedious link.

So, and to kick off the new section of "Creative People On The Web", here's Steven Brooke, author, singer, musician, producer and artist.

I first came across Steve Brooke on Author's Den and really liked his poetry. He later left a message on the In Serein guestbook after reading the whole thing (brave man!) and I followed the link to his web site "The Insolent Lad".

Here I found that Steve also writes songs and owns a recording studio, but more than that, he also paints and illustrates.

You can find image galleries, poems, mp3s and more there.

Pay him a visit and say "Hi" from Silvia :-)

Great White Shark by Steve Brooke

Great White Shark by Steve Brooke (with permission)


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