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Philip Straub - Fantastic Worlds & Foreign Places

Philip Straub - Fantastic Worlds & Foreign Places

If you are looking to stimulate your imagination, open up new Sanctuary habitats or you just want to see some truly fantastic worlds fabulously rendered, then go and visit with world-renowned concept art director, illustrator and designer Philip Straub.

In my opinion, he's also a traveller who can see the worlds beyond. Highly recommended!



The first image that struck me immediately was "Coming Home".

I have Phil's permission to reproduce it here:

Coming Home by Philip Straub

Coming Home by Philip Straub

I recognised the building immediately - it's the same building that occurs in "The Solstice Gift" and if you've heard that, then you will recognise it too.

Many of his illustrations and paintings have this ethereal flavour of places that we all know, that we have visited in dreams and visions. But Philip Straub is one of these very special people who have managed to put it all together - extreme creativity without going mad, and then developing the craftsmanship and the technical skills to bring these visions into a format where others are lucky enough to be able to share them. The attention to detail, the *intention* and loving care that has gone into each and every one of the illustrations, digital paintings and textures really resonates and lifts his creations high above the ordinary, in every sense of that word.

A Secret Place by Philip StraubWhat I also liked so much about Phil's work is the range of energies - we have everything from a truly frightening vision of an apocalyptic burning city to really playful and delightful mushroom houses with a good sense of humour.

Phil's website is a perfect place to visit for any PS player and to find something to step into, to interact with and to make your own, to widen your horizons and perhaps try your hand at energies and environments that may not be your usual comfort zone.

Highly recommended!

Visit Philip Straub's Home Page -

Be sure to visit the: Gallery of Illustrations (fabulous!) and the Concepts Gallery (If you don't find something to play in there, well ...!)



Silvia Hartmann

"I honestly had no idea I could be this creative." Gen Woodruff

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