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Symbol Mandala Game Board

by Silvia Hartmann

Symbol Mandala Game Board

In the energy magic applications of using the Genius Symbols, more often than not a symbol sphere is required or desired.

For practitioners of energy magic, it is a delightful meditation to create a symbol board or symbol mandala which makes setting up a symbol sphere easier and faster, and obviously increases in power with usage, as such things tend to do.

This symbol mandala is on a square canvas which is lightweight and makes for an interesting picture to hang on the wall when not in use.

But of course, a symbol grid can be created on any medium, including silk painting for a more portable version.

For people unfamiliar with the use of the Genius Symbols in energy magic, the symbol sphere is most often used to charge or bless an object that is placed in the focal center. Photographs of pets and people may be placed there too, as well as writing or other connective artefacts.

By using a ready made symbol mandala, you have in effect a powerful "magic machine" at your disposal.


Symbol Mandala Game Board

& Symbol Spheres


Symbol Mandala for creating a symbol sphere with the genius symbols as a magic machine

Symbol Mandal ready for action


Symbol sphere with the symbols turned down - the "silent symbol sphere"

Symbol sphere with symbols turned down, also known as "the silent symbol sphere"


symbol sphere with the symbols turned up - active symbol sphere

Symbol sphere with the symbols turned up - the active symbol sphere

Symbol mandala game board by StarFields October 2009.


  by Silvia Hartmann
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