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Symbol World

Symbol World

Ah ... Genius Symbols are everywhere!

Here are some fun images of TGS in places where you might have seen them before ... in pivotal places, and pivotal moments of human history ...

Alien cropcircle

Crop Circle - The Aliens R Coming!

Genius Symbols on Mount Everest

Genius Symbols on Mount Everest

Genius Symbols spotted on machupicchu

Genius Symbol spotted on Machupicchu

Genius symbols on flesh

A traditional welcome

egyptian symbols
Nascar Symbols

Nascar Symbols

Genius Symbols on the Moon

Not just on Earth ...





Rosetta stone with genius symbols

THE Rosetta Stone :-)


Stargate symbols The Genius symbols image/picture/painting

Always STAY LIGHT - have FUN with your symbols!

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"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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