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Using PS To Do Nanowrimo - Write A Novel In 30 Days

Using PS To Do Nanowrimo - Write A Novel In 30 Days

Starfields writes: Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty about the advantages Project Sanctuary holds for a person. Take Nanowrimo, for example - the National Novel Writing Month. It's not national, it's very international but the aim is the same: to write a novel of 50,000 words minimum in 30 days. Project Sanctuary is a form of advanced data streaming from the energy mind, for those do not know that yet, and if you have some experience with it, it can be used for a great many things, as you get to consciously set the parameters of what exactly it is you want your energy mind to do for you. In this case, the parameters were as follows:

Give me a novel of 50,000 words that is educational to me, interesting, teaches me something that I don't know, that will be easy to read and leave the reader with not just new information, but also a sense of hope and forward moving motivation at the end of it.


That's all you have to do - the energy mind arranges the rest.

It creates the story line, the characters, the deep structural metaphors, the looped metaphors, the landscapes, the settings, the movements of the characters, the conversations they are having and literally EVERYTHING, right down to the last little item that is of importance, tracked all the way through without fail or congruency errors.

Then all you have to do is to sit down at the word processor and follow these instructions to the letter (that's important when we are dealing with energy mind streamed material!).

1. Promise that you will take down what is sent EXACTLY and to the best of your ability. That means you do NOT question or query what you are writing, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must you look over your shoulder and start wondering if you can sell this, what your mother would think if she got hold of a copy, or what an editor or a reader might think. You must become the HONEST secretary to your own energy mind and not mess with what it is telling you.

2. You are not allowed to look back during the entire writing process. That means to turn off the spell checker and the grammar checker and type, type, type. Do NOT edit, do NOT re-read what you have written, and do NOT mess with any sentence or any part of this information stream until it is complete.

3. You are NOT allowed to enter the data stream and get further information UNTIL AND UNLESS you are sitting in front of your typewriter, computer or notepad if you're doing this the hard way. The excitement and charge in this form of writing comes from the DIRECT TRANSLATION of the data stream AS IT HAPPENS IN REAL TIME. If you have this stream come to you whilst you're in the bath, or walking down the road, when you come to write it down later, it will have become SECOND HAND and it will have lost its immediacy and power.

This third point is VITAL. As you don't get to find out what happens next UNTIL YOU ARE BACK in front of your typewriter or computer, this also drives you on to write more just so YOU find out what happens next. It takes a bit of discipline, but you will soon learn that you are wasting the datastream and losing truly wonderful sequences of events and descriptions if you allow yourself to let it happen outside of the actual writing sessions.

You have to look at this entire process, namely to use energy mind derived data streams directly to organise highly complex material for you, as a learning process and especially in the beginning, you need to err on the side of the energy mind to make this happen.

Don't presume automatically that you know better than your energy mind and start correcting "errors" or "things you're not supposed to do like that".

It is really important, especially in the beginning and in the first few tries, to let the data stream come and comment on it as honestly as possible, then to let it stand. That is what makes this process become better, faster, more exciting and also, ever more specific and practical.

It's a very cool way to write - for me, it is THE ONLY way to write fiction. The only way. I cannot begin to imagine now trying to fiddle around with data cards, character characterisations, timelines or anything like that. My energy mind organises all of that for me - plus giving me wonderful surprises of both runs of prose, as well as insights and information that totally surprises and delights me.

This is the easiest form of writing there is and the results are simply splendid, and amazing.

There is no writer's block, there is only flow, whenever you want, and on whatever topic you could ever ask for.

By all means, try it.

Follow the three laws of streaming unconscious / energy mind derived material to the letter, that's of the essence.

If you do, you will too be delighted and surprised at just what your energy mind can do for you.

Happy writing to all,


November 2006

An update: The novel in question is The Magician

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