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Creative Art

Creative Art From The Energy Mind

Project Sanctuary art is always based on information that was streamed from the energy mind directly.

This information can be interpreted as a song, a sculpture, a painting, in many different forms of writing, can be woven into a tapestry, converted into a digital image, into a symbol, into a dance.

Project Sanctuary states that anything a human being makes that comes from a communication (vision) from their OWN energy mind, and is rendered truthfully and honestly, as best as the person can do it, IS ART.

This opens art to all and ends the exclusivity bestowed on those who have "studied" art for decades. It also gives a guideline of what is not real art - things that are dishonestly made, or constructed from second hand information and not based on an original datastream by the person's own energy mind.

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The Golden Horse

The Golden Horse

This is a beautiful PS story in classic fairy tale format for those who may need a time of healing, a spark of healing creativity and a little magic ...

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