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Metaphor & Project Sanctuary

Contrary to public opinion, metaphor is not a form of linear language, just using "funny words" instead of "real words".

Neither is metaphor the "language of the unconscious mind".

Metaphor is the place where the conscious mind meets the data stream of the energy mind, and where both may communicate in a fashion.

Metaphors arise from the internal representations we make naturally because we are human beings, and we think in terms of rivers and mountains, wolves and tigers, trees and flowers. We don't "think" the word m-o-u-n-t-a-i-n, we see/hear/feel/sense/scent/touch/experience the reality of being somewhere and experiencing being in the presence of a mountain, when we "think" or "talk" of a mountain.

Metaphor arises naturally when we seek to describe experience and internal representations, and the only way to understand metaphor is to turn the w-o-r-d-s BACK into internal experiences, then we understand them.

Understanding the language of metaphor is THE one single human skill which, if mastered, will absolutely guarantee that you get to understand people, societies, structures, symbols, systems and eventually, even yourself.

Metaphor - What's That?!

Metaphor - What's That?!

Would you like to know what metaphors really are, and how to work with metaphors most powerfully, regardless of whether you want to do this for therapy, for art, for creativity or simply because you know there's something incredibly magical about metaphors?

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The Red Stilettos Game

The Red Stilettos Game

This is a very, very neat Project Sanctuary game that, if played correctly, will help "align the planes and the totality".

Its name comes from the observation that many women wear red stilettos on the outside, which are the sign of sexual availability, or the metaphor thereof, but "on the inside", they are really a librarian who wants to be admired for their book learning. Or vice versa!

This sort of thing is a form of massive incongruency which causes - well, catastrophes, really, from their love life to their "self concept", What it does to their energy systems, I can't begin to imagine, only that it can't be good, whatever that is ...

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Metaphors, Poems, Language & Life - 12 Top Tips

Metaphors, Poems, Language & Life - 12 Top Tips

Confused or mystified about metaphor, simile, poetry and language? Need homework help on poems and metaphors? Is it all too much like standing in the middle of an enchanted realm but someone's tied your eyes shut and you just can't find the knot? Don't despair! Here's a really short, easy and simple 12 point mini-course on all things metaphorical!

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Reliable Creativity Part 1

Reliable Creativity Part 1

Must creativity be spontaneous to be real?

Can creativity and creative states be manufactured? Is creativity and accessing creative processes an accident, a gift from the muses or can it be ...

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Metaphor Magic - Snow Globes VS Thought Balls

Metaphor Magic - Snow Globes VS Thought Balls

Think metaphor is random silly stuff done by people who aren't clever enough to think clearly? Limited to religious or hippie types? Not real hard information? Well, then think again..

Metaphor is an information transmission device which is exponentially more *information dense* than linear thought expression and indeed, one cannot actually get by in the n-complex systemics of the human mind or energy system without speaking this information rich super-language. Here is a teaching example as to what happens when someone takes a metaphor, namely the "Snow Globe" from the EMO technique of the same nature, and translates it into the "more sensible sounding" format of linear thought and calls them a "Thought Ball" - and just HOW MUCH would be lost in doing so.

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Christine & Wealth

You're welcome to share my sanctuary story.  In short, I asked for a representation of abundance in all things material (and specifically money).  Up came a vast field of buttercups, golden in the sun.

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"Project Sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university." Helen McMillan