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Effortless Goal Setting Through Clever Use of Metaphor

Effortless Goal Setting Through Clever Use of Metaphor

An automatic goal generating process based on the metaphor work of brilliant UK trainer/researcher Silvia Hartmann - Project Sanctuary.

Contributed by Christine Sutherland.


"What if we had access to Meccano, Construx, bricks and mortar, metals, nanotechnology?

What if we could take the IDEA of 'what else could there be?' and apply that to the models of experience themselves?



What if we could just put aside the NLP descriptors for just a while, and begin to wonder how else we can describe experience, in ways that help us build some really useful and cool new ways to live and dance and sing? "


"Well, one way to do it would be to let the lego, meccano, and resources that you can't consciously think of, loose to play amongst themselves, to breed, hybridize, mutate, and go generally apeshit. Then regularly check in on the whole evolving ecosystem to prune, harvest, or just enjoy.

In other words create an extensible, generative environment. That's the nearest I can get to a conscious, metaphorical understanding of what goes on in Project Sanctuary, and what makes it unique."



The above quotation picked up from the internet 28/08/00

The metaphors we construct in our minds, whether through dreaming or whether through conscious effort, cannot come from nowhere. They all come from somewhere and therefore they are associated with some part of us -- they have meaning.

In NLP we learn that by altering submodalities of our sensory representations, we alter the meaning of experience. In Project Sanctuary, we find that when we alter our metaphors we alter experience itself. That is, we alter reality.

This is a bold statement, but one that is borne out experientially by Silvia Hartmann and the handful of people around the world who are beginning to experience the power of this work.

Try this exercise:

Exercise - In pairs.

Your partner will help you to relax very deeply. Imagine that you have created a whole planet and everything on it. Every natural and man-made structure, every animal, every object, every atom, is your creation and represents something in you.

There is a goal which you desire which you do not yet have. Somewhere on your planet is an object which represents that goal. It may be a tree, a church, an animal, a town, or something quite different. It probably does not logically relate to your goal in any way, shape or form.

Fly over your planet now, observing the landscape below, until you feel drawn to a particular place where you can "come down to earth". There you will find a particular object which draws you attention.

What is this object? Is it perfect? What does it need? Alter or modify this object until you are completely satisfied with its appearance/function. Remember that here in Metaphorland, you have access to every resource imaginable: skilled craftspeople, scientific experts, artists, wise men/women, whoever you might like to call on for assistance.

Do not attempt to apply one-to-one correlation between your metaphor and your goal at this point. Always "milk" a metaphor for all its worth before attempting to apply its aspects or qualities to the problem or challenge upon which you are working.

Keep a spirit of playfulness in order to get the most out of metaphor work. It won't work unless it's fun and the more outrageously fun it is, the more you'll get out of it.

Your partner's job is to record your process as you locate and work with your goal symbol, and to gently ease your way back to us here, in this room.

What did you learn?



Contributed by Christine Sutherland.

"Project Sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university." Helen McMillan

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