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Silvia's Super Menu Generator

Silvia's Super Menu Generator

Here is the MasterChef inspired Super Menu Generator, which can generate over 3 billion random menus at the push of a button - one fabulous 3 star dish at a time!

Looking for new ideas to create the perfect dish? Want to impress Monica Galletti? Well my friend, tie the napkin round your neck, pick up your knife and fork and let's find out what we have for you today ... :-)

Silvia's Super Menu Generator

MasterChef Inspired

Guaranteed to excite even the most exotic palate

Providing menu inspiration for future MasterChef contestants the world over

Over 3 billion menus available for your delectation

Are you hungry ...?


Concept & Contents by Silvia Hartmann

Made to work by Alex Kent.

All rights reserved in all media, esp. gustatory construct based media.


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