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Metaphysics Article The Story Teller Archetype With Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Metaphysics Article The Story Teller Archetype With Silvia Hartmann

Metaphysics Article The Story Teller Archetype With Silvia Hartmann

Story Teller - The Most Powerful Archetype?


The Story Teller:

The Most Powerful Archetype?

by Silvia Hartmann

The Tarot is NOT a complete representation of metaphysics across the levels; it is missing a heap of cards.

There are a whole bunch of archetypes that are NOT in the Tarot, and if they are missing, we are left at a loss as to what to do with ourselves conceptually, because although we are and do these things, there are no labels for them, no role models, if you will, and one then tries to squeeze oneself into the next closest thing, only with archetypes, there IS NO next closest thing and then you're buggered.

Always a stranger in a strange land, if you know what I mean.

Apart from the missing cards in the Tarot (and that is a metaphor for missing archetypes in general!), there are many which are mis-represented and where the metaphor doesn't match the actual existing reality beneath it.

The first time I really came across a missing archetype from the Tarot in force was with the central character of In Serein.

He is an *executioner*. Not a soldier, not a king; not a general but something else altogether.

There is no THE EXECUTIONER card in the Tarot, but there IS the EXISTENCE of that archetype - everywhere, at that.

Whether it's Mad Max, Man on Fire, Chronicles of Riddick, everything that Clint Eastwood has ever played, and if you want a real kicker, look at Darth Vader.

That's The Executioner.

One of the (many) missing Tarot Cards.

But the one we are concerning ourselves with here is The Story Teller.

Like at first glance you might think that the Executioner could be stuffed into the Judgement card or Death or such, one might think the Story Teller is the Hermit, but clearly, that is completely off.

A Story Teller is the opposite to the idea of a Hermit in essence; they interact with all sorts of others, and it is in the INTERACTION that they get to be and do what they do.

And as the Executioner, it is an immensely powerful archetype.

By taking out the word, the concept, the physical Tarot card from the deck, you cannot "delete" an archetype; but you can make it completely invisible to every day folk. You break the bridge between conscious awareness and actual existence.

It becomes a secret.

And all the very real power of the archetype goes underground with that secret, because only those who know of it in consciousness can think to call on it, to use it, to make use of it.

The Story Teller is more than just a shaman; more than just a prophet.

The Story Teller IS the living bridge between the conscious world and the wider realms of Creations existence.

They are not meant to be secret, or cloaked, or hooded; they are meant to be right out in the open and the first priority for anyone at all to connect to that, reach that, understand that and integrate that, because without it, you're literally nothing more than a muppet.

The Story Teller *is* that ability, device, bridge that frees a human being from the teachings of any other *man* and instead, connects them DIRECTLY to the all-there-is, to the Akashic Records, to an entire gigantic and intergalactic NETWORK of other beings who commune there across time and space.

The Story Teller precedes all religion, all art, all music, all endeavour, all THOUGHT.

It is the most essential archetype of them all, and to restore this archetype TO CONSCIOUSNESS would in essence, "end war and world hunger".

That's a very heavy duty thing to be saying, but I AM saying it because I know it's true.

We do NOT need more soldiers, scientists, teachers, preachers and healers.

What we need is STORY TELLERS who can get their information DIRECTLY from the Universe, and NOT from the madness of men.

And the most wondrous thing of all?

Story Tellers are *infectious*.

You only need a one around and others "get it", too.

It's a structural/energetic thing that the essential ENERGY of any active story teller, or any person who has their "story teller circuitry" on line will give the sleeping beauty kiss to others - their circuitry awakes in turn and they then have access to all that lies within that archetype, that very REAL existence which has been a secret for way too long.

Don't worry about your "shadow" or your "child within"; go and seek your STORY TELLER and awaken them, use them.

They can really TELL YOU directly what you need to do, and how it's done.

"Enlightenment is the awakening of the Story Teller."


  by Silvia Hartmann
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