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Creativity is the act of creating something. It's often confused with the IDEA one needs before one starts to create something, the inspiration.

Inspiration comes from to in spire, put a bit of spirit and energy into something.

The ideas or data for any form of creative endeavour come from the energy mind; they may be "flashes of inspiration" or flash visions as we call them, or longer visions, or the extreme form of vision which is a metastory and can go on for a long time indeed.

Project Sanctuary puts a person in control of their own creativity as we get to ask questions and set challenges which will produce the visions, inspirations, stories in direct response. This does not limit the artist or creative, as you can ask for good things or bad, disturbing or healing, add an and to the set up to create something that is satisfying and commercially successful, for example.

Project Sanctuary makes creativity achievable, accessible, and creates artistic evolution, joy and surprise by its very nature, based as it is on the truly endless data stream of personal, original creativity that flows through each and every person, if they know this, or not.

City In The Sky

City In The Sky

City in the sky is a classic metasong - a description of a Project Sanctuary habitat in the form of what one might call a metaphor poem.

The original vision/experience also inspired a painting.

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The Image Streaming Technique

The Image Streaming Technique

As "Good Companions" to Project Sanctuary go, a finer friend is hard to find.

An extremely useful technique I would like to introduce is a method of increasing conscious - unconscious communications quickly, to be better able to visualise, and to be able to generate representations quickly and at will. This technique is Image Streaming by Win Wenger.

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Improve Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence? How?!

Improve Self  Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence? How?!

Silvia Hartmann writes: In 1993, I developed a process that I called Project Sanctuary. I said that it improves Self Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Spirituality, Creativity, Autogenic, Healing, AND that it is FUN. I appreciate that it sounds like hype, impossible, too much but it's true, it's proven, and it's absolutely REAL. I think it is about time more people got to the benefits of this which is still NEW, STARTLING and - OTHER THAN.

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Reliable Creativity Part 1

Reliable Creativity Part 1

Must creativity be spontaneous to be real?

Can creativity and creative states be manufactured? Is creativity and accessing creative processes an accident, a gift from the muses or can it be ...

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The Possums & The Power Of Fantasy

Are you still waiting to "prove yourself on the battlefields of the Hard" so that you can know what you are worth, or whether you are a winner or a loser? If so, then here is a story that might change your mind, if not point the way to a change of heart, indeed. Read on.

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"Project Sanctuary is the easiest and the most difficult thing I ever did at the same time. But oh, what rewards does it give!!"ย Margreet Vink