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Soul Pilots

The Soul Pilots

Project Sanctuary naturally generates patterns - The Soul Pilots is one of the key patterns that can change the way we understand the worlds.

In essence, it all starts with the Classic Game: "Take me to the perfect place in time and space where a lost soul needs my help today ..."

If you are unfamiliar with Soul Pilots, you can find out more about the soul here, there is a Soul Pilots FAQ here, but above all else, there are the stories ...

The Soul Pilots - Pure Project Sanctuary MAGIC

The Soul Pilots - Pure Project Sanctuary MAGIC

Sometimes, very rarely, a project comes along that has a life of its own. It has a will of its own, a power and an insistency - you can't do anything else than follow THAT, do THAT, no matter how full the hard may be already. "The Soul Pilots" was one of those projects.

The time was there, the time was right - and the first ever Project Sanctuary Masters in space and time (!) had just assembled for the first time.

It was All Hallow's Eve, with Solstice just on the horizon, and so we got together to do Soul Pilot missions and to document them so that others can be amazed, and hopefully, inspired.

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Soul Pilots 2007

Soul Pilots 2007

The introduction to Soul Pilots - Service has its own rewards, November 2007.

This project which involved eight Project Sanctuary Masters established Soul Pilot work as a discipline in its own right and brought to light the many practical benefits of Soul Piloting - and the many surprises, too.

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The Far Journeys

The Far Journeys

For serious Project Sanctuary Players, here's something very cool indeed - four guided journeys to different planes that are difficult to reach sometimes - The Far Journeys.

Go to Shamanic Overworld, do Soul Pilots work, very highly abstract logic work with Crystal Cathedral or advanced vision streaming with the Game In Space & Time.

At the end of the article is a link so you can listen to an excerpt.

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Psychic Energy - The Soul Pilots

In our ongoing investigations into the human energy system, we have come across what I call "The Psychic Circuitry". This is an aspect of the energy system which is not properly understood and much more directly connected with the physical body than the general meridian system - and far more powerful. Acupuncture can't heal cancer - but the psychic circuitry can, and malfunctions in it cause it, too. Here is a gentle and truly beautiful approach to consciously using the psychic circuitry for evolution and for healing.

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Psychic Circuitry & The Soul Pilots 2004

Psychic Circuitry & The Soul Pilots 2004

In this article, Project Sanctuary creator Silvia Hartmann explains how The Soul Pilots developed from a Project Sanctuary pattern that was well known at the time but not particularly isolated as yet as something extremely powerful and helpful in the context of working with the psychic circuitry of the human energy body.

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