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Soul Pilots Frequently Asked Questions

Soul Pilots Frequently Asked Questions

Soul Pilots Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have to believe in a soul, souls, afterlife, ascendency, past lives and all of that in order to be a Soul Pilot?

No. You can just play it as a kind of "therapy game" or like a Project Sanctuary game. As long as you do it wholeheartedly and play it honestly, without looking over your shoulder or arguing it to death with conscious objections, you will gain all the benefits.

2. Can children be Soul Pilots?

Oh, very much yes! Indeed for some children, the idea that they can help someone, even just "in a story" is completely transformational and really changes their self concept. I believe in later life it leads to having more of a sense of one's own personal power to help others and change the world for the better. I also believe that it leads directly to feeling less powerless and worthless. That holds for adults too, and especially those adults who consider themselves broken in some way.

3. Do I have to have any kind of training to be a Soul Pilot?

No. All you need is a simple sanctuary to start off with and ask to be shown a soul that needs help, then proceed with what you get until a resolution is found for that soul.

Having said that, Project Sanctuary, who is the genesis of Soul Pilots, would be a good thing to learn about as it teaches many, many things that really come in handy when one is faced with tricky or perplexing situations.

4. Can soul piloting be dangerous?

Interesting question. I don't know. I have never found it to be so. I have certainly on occasion found it to be frightening or even terrifying. However, a part of being a Soul Pilot is to learn to not freak out when presented with dire/scary situations, to remember that we are dealing with realms that are made of energy, and that we wouldn't even be here if we didn't have the resources we need to solve the problem and help the soul.

If a person was really "off their head" with a mental illness, drugs, or a mixture of both, and stressed as well, they should probably learn some de-stressing techniques and emotional control techniques first to not get overwhelmed by their own reactions. I strongly recommend learning EMO and EFT first as these modalities give a person a totally different take on their emotions, and how to deal with emotions successfully.

Can all souls be saved?

Another interesting question. It's possible that for some we come too late, or it just doesn't happen right on the day. All you can do is do your best. People who work for emergency services don't rescue everyone all the time, but they always try their best, and it is that, not the success rate, that makes them the heroes we all admire.

Can you do Soul Piloting with a partner?

Yes. Joint missions with one or more partners can be very different and bring Soul Piloting to a whole new level.

Can you do Soul Piloting with a therapist?

Obviously, the therapist has to know what Soul Piloting is and some experience in the matter. But if they do, doing soul piloting with a therapist can be a good way to start off.

I'm a therapist, can I do Soul Piloting with my clients?

Yes, but I would recommend at least a good familiarity with Project Sanctuary manual so you have an overview of the resources a client might need if they get stuck.

Do you have to have special psychic talents to be a Soul Pilot?

No, everyone can do it if they want to. It does help if you have an active imagination and if you are used to meditations, guided meditations and generally are able to track your own internal representations reasonably well.

Should we be saving lost souls? Isn't it important they should be punished for their wrongdoings and suffer?

I don't know about that. When I see someone who is in trouble and I can help them, I will help them. That's all there is to it.

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"Project Sanctuary is the easiest and the most difficult thing I ever did at the same time. But oh, what rewards does it give!!"Β Margreet Vink

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