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The Soul Pilots - A Book about saving lost souls by Silvia Hartmann & Contributors

by Silvia Hartmann

The Soul Pilots - A Book about saving lost souls by Silvia Hartmann & Contributors

he Soul Pilots - A Book about saving lost souls by Silvia Hartmann & Contributors

The Soul Pilots

A Book by Silvia Hartmann & Contributors

Sometimes, very rarely, a project comes along that has a life of its own.

The Soul Pilots - A book about saving souls

It has a will of its own, a power and an insistency - you can't do anything else than follow THAT, do THAT.

"The Soul Pilots" was one of those projects.

Since early in 2004, I had personally experienced the sheer magic and wonder of offering one's services as a soul pilot. I had come across it by accident and adventure during my own Project Sanctuary explorations, and I was immediately struck and captured by the whole thing.

It is so deeply mysterious - what happens when you step up in Sanctuary, stand up straight and call out, "Is there someone here I can help? Take me to them!"

For someone who isn't a PS Player, it is difficult or impossible to appreciate how one is swept up, out and away in an instance, without prior meditation or any kind of hypnotic song or dance, to this other realm, to these other places, sometimes they are familiar but often they are very alien indeed, and there this EXPERIENCE unfolds of which you are a part, where you don't just see, but hear, and feel, and sometimes you cry, but you are always amazed at what happens here, and most of all, how your actions make a change, make a difference.

At first, I thought that soul piloting might be some form of glorified parts integration - but as time went on and I dealt with more and more claimants of all shapes, sizes and levels of existence, in all these different realms, I laid that thought aside more and more as well.

I don't think these are "aspects of the self" that need rescuing - but they DO have a RESONANCE to me, that is all I can describe it as.

Are these entities one encounters "really" "lost souls"?

I don't know - I gave up asking myself these questions a long time ago.

The reason I don't ask anymore is because the ACT ITSELF is so immensely rewarding - it is a form of healing like no other when you step up and HELP AN OTHER.

Soul piloting is life changing.

I don't say that lightly; I have looked for ways to improve and change one's life for the better all my life. I've met some things that are helpful along the way, but never anything quite like THIS.

It is possible that it is life changing because the very act of stepping up and becoming the champion for an other cannot be done unless you change the presuppositions of your own existence at a very deep and profound level.

I am sure as sure can be that in spite of all the personal development over the years, there was a baseline remaining of "me, not being good enough".

There are many variants of that - not being beautiful enough, not being strong enough, not being intelligent enough, not being careful enough, not being smart enough, not being humble, kind, compassionate, enlightened, loving, forgiving .... .... .... ....

It boils down to "me, not being enough".

Being damaged, being beyond repair, being under par, lacking, somehow.

Perhaps lacking what it takes to be happy - and all those other things beside. Lacking what it takes to be successful, lacking what it takes to make this life work.

Ah, I'm sure you know.

We hear talk of unconditional love, but in the absence of angelic intervention, who amongst us has ever experienced this? And if you have been lucky enough to have experienced it - how often? And for how long did it last? What is the percentage over your liftime, if you measured it in seconds?

And do we know, in return, even how to "do" unconditional love?

How would you learn about it, how would you practise it?

Soul Piloting is not "the" answer, for there is no such thing, but it is a signpost in that direction.

We are not seeking to heal ourselves, but we are offering our services to an other who may be in need.

We can't do this until and unless we believe that we have SOME THING TO GIVE.

Does a damaged, unfinished, disjointed creature have some thing to give?

Could it ever be anything other than - likewise damaged, unfinished, disjointed, wrong?

And soul piloting tells us - actually, YES.

Such a creature, if it was to raise up and offer its services, would find that there are many others who are even worse off, who need help desperately, and who won't just be glad of this help, but literally, eternally grateful.

In soul piloting, here is a place finally, where we are all good enough.

More than that - we are PERFECT just the way we are.

Now we are always told this is so anyway but it sure doesn't feel like it in the hard, from day to day.

When you are a soul pilot, you feel it, you experience it, you live it - and that's where you understand, finally, that it really is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

All things in the Creative Order have their rightful place - and when they find their rightful place, then all things are as they were designed to be, perfection in action, absolute beauty and holiness infused within all, embracing all just the same.

Soul piloting shows us that none of us are victims, but we are all the true heroes and champions of our own incarnations and beyond.

The ones we help and rescue, likewise, aren't just helpless victims. They are beings, much like we are, who have found accident or misfortune and became stuck. They are precious, each one, and they are worth saving. Soul piloting doesn't just tell us this but shows us, makes us feel this every time we undertake such a journey. There comes a time then for each soul pilot when they have to acknowledge, at long last, that if the claimants are worth saving, then so are they.

It is an extraordinary thing - a relationship of service that heals and inspires each one it touches, the pilot and the claimant just the same. It is an experience of unconditional regard with the only will held is to do what can be done to have everyone find their rightful time and space - to do our part in the order of the Creative Order, when in so many other ways we humans have strayed so far away.

When I saw what the students on PSDL did with the Soul Pilot exercise, I knew that it was something important, something unusual and something worth sharing.

I can't really explain Soul Piloting, even if I wrote a hundred thousand words or more.

But the stories, they explain it.

And the fact that there were seven soul pilots at work, all different people from all around the world, doing these inexplicable things that you can't talk about but you can feel it in your body when you read the stories and re-live their adventures.

From the start to the finish, "The Soul Pilots" was created in a single month in the run up to All Hallow's Eve of 2007, in spite of the fact that all of our hard lives were already so full, you wouldn't think you could squeeze a few more moments out of it, never mind what is required to co-author a whole book.

Yet we did do that, and the book is here.

I decided to not add any kind of explanation to this and simply let the stories stand. They explain it all much better than I ever could; and there are levels and layers to these stories and to the whole process that is soul piloting which I don't think we'll ever consciously fully understand.

All I can say is that soul piloting is a truly fascinating thing, a truly unique endeavour, and that I am extremely proud to have been a part of this project.

May it touch many across their own times and spaces, and may it bring a gentle spark of light where it is needed most.

Silvia Hartmann

November 2007


The Soul Pilots

Service has its own rewards.

First Edition 2007

  by Silvia Hartmann
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