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Soul Evolution

by Silvia Hartmann

Soul Evolution

Soul Evolution

How Becoming A Soul Pilot Could Guide You Towards Immortality

Soul Evolution

How Becoming A Soul Pilot Could Guide You Towards Immortality

Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Project Sanctuary & The Soul Pilots

The Immortal Soul - Fantasy Or Reality? | Food For Souls | Soul Problems | Soul Journey | Soul Resonance | Soul Lessons | Soul Evolution | In Conclusion

The Immortal Soul - Fantasy Or Reality?

If we are going to save lost souls, there must be by presupposition the idea that there are such things as souls in the first place. And if take it one step further, the idea that we too have an immortal soul. So - is it true? Do I have a soul? Do you?

Here is my take on the vexed problem of whether the human soul - the immortal soul - is fantasy, or reality.

In 2003, I had studied the human energy system for some ten years most intensively. I don't study by reading old books, but instead I talk to other people and we compare our experiences and try and make sense of them, finding underlying patterns that we have in common. I formulate theories based on that, and then we experiment and try things out in real life, in the real world, and see what happens next.

By this time, I had clearly identified two major energy systems in the human energy body that really did exist and accounted for much - what we called The Heart Of Energy, the central power generator at the heart of the energy system, and the energy mind, the head of the energy body (previously known as the "unconscious mind").

That was good, but it wasn't enough - something was missing.

And one morning, in a flash of insight I saw what it was.

It was a third "supersystem" in the energy body and it was to all intents and purposes what had been called "the soul".

With that in place, my whole model of the energy body catalysed and worked structurally.

So for me, "the soul" from that moment forth was no longer a concept, or an idea, but an actual, structural reality.

The unique quality of the soul as a system is that it doesn't have a direct reflection in the physical body, is not tied to the physical body.

The other two supersystems do, however. So the energy mind reflects in the physical brain, and the heart of energy reflects in the physical heart, but the soul exists ONLY at the energy level.

This makes the soul independent of the physical body for survival.

There is a "however" though.

The soul system, as a real structural system, needs to be fully functional and autonomous in order to survive the death of the physical body.

If it isn't fully grown at the moment of death, or underdeveloped, or damaged in some way, this transition of the soul onto the next level fails; I think of it as a premature birth, or a baby being born with birth defects.

This can lead to a half-way situation - and this would give us what we call "ghosts". Souls that were nearly there but not quite and whatever they needed to ascend to their new birthplaces after death, did not happen correctly.

And in the context of soul piloting, these would be our "lost souls" that we go out and save.

  • So in this model, where the soul is a structural reality of the energy system, and one of the three supersystems of the human energy body, we have the opportunity for immortality - if we can feed and build our souls during this lifetime up to a point where they will survive the turbulence of ascension upon physical death.

Food For Souls

How do we feed or grow our souls?

What do we even know about our own souls?

Those are tricky questions, and of course as usual, you can't answer them by consciously thinking about it.

Something as "otherworldly" as the soul is way beyond the calculations of the conscious mind.

We need help from the energy mind to even deal with the concept, never mind to start to work with it properly and do some things which can benefit the soul.

  • The very first thing HAS to be - and it HAS to be the first thing! - is to at least acknowledge the POSSIBILITY of each of us having an immortal soul that has the capacity to transcend physical death.

Until and unless we open ourselves up to that possibility - even if it's at a level of a 1 in a million chance that this is absolutely true! - we're stuck.

We can't do anything, we can't begin to move towards further understanding and learning.

It's like saying, "There is no dog by that tree," and so we can't see the dog, hear it, watch it, learn something about it, or even go and feed it or train it.

Modern human beings are not good at taking things simply on trust. Believing things just because I say it is so.

And this is where Soul Piloting becomes so very interesting.

When we engage in the act of soul piloting, we are acknowledging with our actions, thoughts, feelings, with what we do by presupposition the existence of the very concept of souls.

It is structurally impossible to go and save lost souls and not "believe" on some level that there are indeed such things as lost souls, and therefore, souls.

By simply working with the concept of lost souls, we create a real connection with our own souls - even if this is to begin with, strictly by pre-supposition.

Soul Problems

And now comes Step 2 - learning things about souls, about the afterlife, about how all that works, and what can go wrong in THIS life that might cause a soul to fail to launch.

When we engage our energy minds and ask them to "show us the way to a lost soul today" we are presented with a challenge, but more specifically, with a soul challenge.

There are SOUL ISSUES and SOUL PROBLEMSย  presented to us to solve.

And we do solve them as Soul Pilots.

This teaches us the lessons we need to know in our own lives and understand in order to become immortal as a bye-the-bye.

Indeed, helping lost souls to ascend might be the only way for a human being still alive today to learn what needs to be done so they can become immortal!

Soul Journey

If every person alive on Earth today has their own fingerprints and unique DNA, then how much more individual do you think a person's soul might be?

And if you can't fit every person on Earth into the same pair of shoes, then what are the chances that just one way of behaving can suit all living souls?


Each person's soul is unique, and each person's soul journey is unique also.

We have to work with what we've got, each one of us, and find a way to evolve our own souls.

This involves highly unique paths - the truth is a pathless land, indeed.

Soul Resonance

In Soul Piloting, when we ask to be taken to a soul to save, we are going to be shown someone who has a similar resonance to ourselves. They don't have the same problems by any means, nor have they had the same life experiences because they are unique too; however, there is a resonance between us and the lost souls we personally ever get to meet, or we couldn't even meet them at all.

This is an extraordinary thing on many levels.

One of the most profound repercussions of taking on Soul Pilot clients across time and space is that the Soul Pilot is perfect the way they are - and no matter how bedraggled, injured, imperfect they themselves might be.

Indeed, especially bedraggled Soul Pilots will encounter likewise bedraggled souls who have been waiting for someone like that to come to their rescue.

A highly enlightened being would never find the bedraggled souls as there is no match in resonance. We have a case here of whatever state you're in, that makes you perfect for those who need your help and who are in a similar state.

As it is literally unheard of in human circles for someone who is NOT yet perfect or enlightened to go Soul Piloting, you can imagine that a great many souls would never ever get any help at all, because the very people who could help themย  have no idea that it is in their power to help them.

They think because they're imperfect, ill, broken, they're no good to anyone.

Soul Piloting shows us that nothing could be further from the truth.

Everyone has resonance souls, and the more desperate you are, the more desperate the souls that you could save will be.

You could say that this makes a less enlightened Soul Pilot a lot more valuable than the usual kind of enlightened beings. They are everywhere, but at the frequencies of the bedraggled souls, who comes to their rescue?

But we, who are no angels by a long shot, we can reach them, we can help them, and in so doing. we get as a reward to evolve our own souls.

Soul Lessons

We know so little about the worlds of energy, all these other dimensions, and the few tales told of old are Chinese whispers of the ages - distorted by fear and stress, old forgotten languages, many translations away from the original truth that once was.

In order to understand the reality of souls and the worlds they inhabit, so that we can make use of such knowledge in THIS life and prepare ourselves for what comes after, the next life, a new and totally different life altogether on a different level, we need to gain experience in "working with the soul".

When we help to save lost souls, we get a real insight into what can go wrong in the transition.

The lost souls are our guides as to how not to do it.

We discover amazing truths about what happens when people die, how it relates to how they used to live, and as a result we get to learn our soul lessons by helping the lost souls.

We gain direct, hands on experience of the conditions and the ways of the afterlife.

This is extraordinary knowledge, and what's most important is that this isn't knowledge that came out of a dusty book, it comes from you, it comes because you do something, and you learn your lessons about reality as you're doing it.

This is true wisdom learning; these are lessons you will never forget; and not just that, because of the resonance match between you and the lost souls you are saving, these lessons are custom made, just for you.

You are not wasting time with learning a bunch of metaphysical or esoteric things you specifically don't need; you are only and ever learning your personal most important lessons.

And this is what I believe is what evolves and grows our souls.

Soul Evolution

Throughout the ages, people have wondered what it takes to evolve a human soul.

Some thought you do it by beating yourself with sticks, making yourself miserable, having catastrophes by the bucketload and experience as much pain and suffering as possible.

Some thought you evolve your soul by saying farewell to the ordinary life of sex and possessions and children and money and luxury.

Some thought you evolve your soul by thinking nothing, doing nothing, and feeling nothing.

It's extraordinary how a human being could come to such preposterous notions, but there we have it.

We need to clear our minds of the nonsense of the ages and learn to trust our own learnings, and our own god given faculties of mind, energy mind, body, energy body, and our own soul, for that matter.

When we engage in Soul Pilot explorations, we get to learn what a soul needs; we also get to learn how the mind can get in the way and how the human mind can even cause a breakdown in the flow of energies between the soul and all the rest of the human totality.

Every time you save a lost soul and engage with the problems that exist at that level, you are directing a flow of energy and information towards the soul level.

And every time you receive the learnings and experiences you have as a soul pilot in return, you are receiving a flow of energy and information from the soul level.

This sets up a re-connection between the human totality and its own soul that is the starting point for all future evolution.


In Conclusion

In many ways, it could be argued that looking after your immortal soul and putting all and every effort into making sure it is fit, healthy and strong should be the No.1 concern of every living, thinking human being.

It's crazy to waste the opportunity of structural immortality, or at the very least, of life after physical death and the possibility to ascend to a different state of being.

To not turn death into some form of re-birth, but into a real birth into a new phase of your existence as a multi-dimensional being.

Wouldn't you like to be born again, retaining all the learnings the soul has stored up for us on our various incarnations?

I certainly would; I often have the sense that I've been round the block a few too many times by now and that this time round, I'd really like to make it to the next level of ascendency.

With soul piloting, we have a real, actual and really easy way for people who are interested in an afterlife to do something practical, something they can do every day, without buying into any kind of cult, and even without having to "believe" in anything at all.

The lessons we learn about ourselves and the Universe when we go Soul Piloting are wonderful - priceless, I'd say.

The emotions we feel and the experiences we have are awesome - even if in the hard, we can't really walk any longer, or can't hear or see like once we used to.

The gratitude of service, the real sense of delight that helping other people gives you, a sense of self worth, that is also priceless right in this life, too.

I would encourage anyone who really is interested in high end personal development to have a go and offer themselves up to the Universe at large as a soul pilot.

You have absolutely nothing to lose - and perhaps even immortality to gain.

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Project Sanctuary

October 2010

The Immortal Soul - Fantasy Or Reality? | Food For Souls | Soul Problems | Soul Journey | Soul Resonance | Soul Lessons | Soul Evolution | In Conclusion

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is a map of your own inner manifesting realm; a guide for your unique garden, buildings, architecture; and a language and travel guide all rolled into one." Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

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