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Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction Dragon LogoOf course, all decent fantasy fiction is created by the processes we call Project Sanctuary - creating an autogenic world, moving in and having adventures there. Only in the case of fantasy fiction writers and authors, they document their adventures live and in real time, thus creating stories with magic and worlds with all manner of local conventions as they go.

Most fantasy fiction authors fall into their worlds by accident, and often, they stay there and never emerge from it. In Project Sanctuary, we call stories which go on for a long time and have complete universes associated with it, a "metastory." Metastories can be played for many months, for years even, and may have many threshold shifts along the way.

Project Sanctuary allows players, authors and writers far more control over the worlds they create, for what purpose, and what they want to do with the whole story. A good PS player can also decode existing fantasy fiction stories in a different way, and choose to enter into such stories, interacting with the personae (not "characters") directly and autogenically if they so choose.

Fantasy fiction is fun on every level and we welcome all true Fantasy Fiction fans to Project Sanctuary!

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