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Wolf In Amber

by Silvia Hartmann

Wolf In Amber

A beautiful and magical Project Sanctuary story by Silvia Hartmann.

Wolf In Amber illustration for Wolf In Amber Shamanic Story

Wolf In Amber

I am walking on a beach; it is summer, late afternoon but it is not at all hot; we are far north here. The sky is banded with red already, beautiful and resting on the land in such majesty, so much of it.

Behind me is the ocean shore, and in front of me, a wide sweep of dune grass that turns imperceptibly into tundra grasses and late flowers at this time. Far in the distance are soft, low hills and ahead and to the right there is a great lake.

I walk to the lake.

I am wearing clothes made of sturdy leather that fit me like a second skin; I walk easily.

There are birds above the lake, some on the lake, many different kinds. Reed grasses grow close to the shore. I find my boat there and get in, start rowing towards my home on the other side of the lake.

I have been to the sea shore to collect amber, great pieces of amber the tides wash in; and my bag is filled to the brim with wonderful pieces of every shape and size.

The lake is very still, even though the birds are noisy, and my boat glides easily across with every stroke of the single oar.

There is a landing stage and my house made from sturdy timber sitting on the shore; I love my house and home and bless it with joy. I tie the boat and climb out; I go to my house and sit down on the veranda, on the ground, there is a bowl of fresh rain water ready for me.

This is one of the best moments, I am going to take a first good look at the amber.

When I am walking on the shore, just by the waterline, and look through the driftwood, the sea weed washed ashore, the shells and feathers, I only look to find; now and here, I greet the amber for the first time.

Each piece is different, each one wonderful but there is one that immediately takes my eyes. I take it and gently wash it in the bowl of water, help it make the transition from the ocean to the lake, to me and our path.

I lift it up and hold it to the light; it is radiant and beautiful, and I see inside it the shape of a running wolf, perfectly formed, existing within this golden liquid that stopped flowing so fast as once it did, the wolf is there, alive, his eyes, his nose, his long stretched out tail for he is running fast, he has a mission.

My hands grow hot and start to vibrate; I want to start to carve this amber now, but I know time is not yet right; I will wear this piece of amber close to my heart, right on my skin, for some moons still to come and until my essence is infused right deep into its being, the wolf and I are one, it is my totem, spirit friend and alter ego all the same.

I know that this will be the greatest piece I've ever fashioned; it will be my gift of gratitude to all the Gods at the great ceremony, to thank them for the year, the beauty, all the bounty that surrounds us.

We will row out into the lake and each of us who live here will bring their best thing of their making and we will give it to the lake to show our gratitude.

I am so pleased and proud that I have found this amber; with every year that passes, I grow more proud and more amazed at all the beauty, all the joy that lives in everything, and it gets harder every time for me to still have skill enough to do this justice in my gift of thankfulness for all that is.

But all is well; I found the amber wolf as it will be; and so I place the piece with greatest care beneath my clothes, secure it there. I know it will be ready in good time.

I settle back against the wooden walls of my house and look upon the lake that perfectly reflects the sky; the distant, distant hills and now, as night is falling, also do I see the lights from the others who live by these shores. I send them blessings all, my family and friends of old, and so I sit and then I look at the other pieces of amber as the sun sets radiant red and gold, and see the spirits that reside within each one.

Wolf In Amber - From The Genius Symbols.

Story & Image Β© Silvia Hartmann 2008/2009. All Rights Reserved.

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is the easiest and the most difficult thing I ever did at the same time. But oh, what rewards does it give!!"Β Margreet Vink

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