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Travel To A Different Planet - 7 Stories About Alien Worlds

Travel To A Different Planet - 7 Stories About Alien Worlds

Silvia writes: On the Project Sanctuary forum, I set a "Game of the Week" every so often. Players can, if they want to, play the game, Sanctuary style, and some will post the results of the game back to the forum. This week's game was as follows: "By whichever means you choose, travel to a different planet. Somewhere you have never been before. Let yourself be taken there and observe, do as must be done, then return. Travel broadens the mind :-) " Here are seven fascinating and very different stories about this journey, all of which illustrate some important aspects of playing Project Sanctuary nicely. And apart from that, they are fascinating stories, generated spontaneously and instantly - once you know how to play for your own personal development and creativity practice.

Travel To An Alien Planet ...

With Project Sanctuary

Planet Of The Ghosts | Recycling Robot World | Healing Mission On A Blue World | Saturn Mesh |

Young Stars In A Flux Dimension | Angel Gifts | Bouncy World, Jagged World

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Planet Of The ghosts illustration by Mary


Planet Of The Ghosts

I am sitting on a beach at night, just the light of the stars, and the slight phosphorescence on the waves as they schhhhhsh their way up, and back down the beach. I have been sitting peacefully for some time, just absorbed in the sounds and the silence. The stars are a rich canopy above me tonight - multitudes of stars.

As I focus on one area of swirly tiny stars - some galaxy I expect - I feel myself leaving myself - and not leaving myself - I can see my body & it still moves as though I were still in it, but I'm not.

I'm rising - slowly at first, and then as though I was being drawn into the galaxy, like someone taking a long indrawn breath would rapidly draw in air and energy. I felt myself swept up past the nearer stars, and out and onwards. Beyond the speed of light I follow the curves of the space web shifting and sliding and curving and swimming - no time at all has passed and I find myself approaching a barren planet/lump of rock hurtling through space. It is iridescent, in shades of purple and lilac, smooth in places and dusty in others - the odd outcrop of the same coloured rocks gives some feature to the landscape.

I stand for a while, then move over to the nearest outcrop and find myself a comfortable perch and sit and wait; I don't feel impatient - I feel almost timeless, eternal in some way, happy to just be.

Through the no sound I hear a small sound, a susurration - it may be some dust settling, or ... I hear it again; this time I can locate where it is coming from - off to my right.

I don't move, but focus my attention in that direction.

And wait.

Inside my mind there is a sense of electrical activity; of connections being made that I am not party to, or don't yet have the vocabulary to hear and understand.

I remain focused on where the sound had come from - the sounds in my head get louder they seem to be coming to some sort of focus. I close my eyes to listen better

I wait

Becoming a little impatient, I ask my mind - what is going on here?

We are communing.

Who is we?

The ghosts

The ghosts of what? Or should I say of whom?

Barren women - those who have not brought forth their soul's work

How does our communing help? And besides, I'm not a ghost

This planet is full of dreams un-followed; passions subsumed; desires stamped out.

Why am I here?

To learn, to absorb all these other dreams and desires, so you can build them into the tapestry of your life's work when you find what it is.

I quietly ponder this & then start to think - there I was quietly minding my own business, having a pleasant little interlude on the beach - not feeling particularly frustrated, or unfulfilled - well no more than normal - when blow me down, I was whisked up here to be bullied or shamed into mending my ways. Irritation started to well up.

When a sharp voice said "STOP IT. IT WON'T WASH. RECOGNISE THE TRUTH."

I stop - shocked - it is a very long time since anyone has had the temerity to shout at me.

I sink down into myself - all energy gone; take a big sigh & say –"ok any suggestions?"


Day after day you are being given messages , many of them you recognise as just that - Well start to follow them, don't just note them and file them for later - you don't know how much `later' you have, so just DO IT.

That's easy for you to say

It is.

And, if you just started, it would be easy for you to do. Just do baby step actions, one after another to build up this tapestry of action.

I sit chastened, but not particularly enthused, or motivated.

"Oh for goodness sake" - I hear, and poof! am back in my body

Does that mean my energy mind has given up on me?

Time will tell ...

xx Mary

Robot World Illustration by Loretta - Detail

Recycling Robot World

Ok so I want to travel to a planet where live is, where they have a lovely , original and simple solution for my problem: `difficult to ask for help and to admit that I need others', this plane will teach me how to take my place in this world.

Ok so an ufo arrives, full with figures of all different colours, they all have a lot of different tentacles, the tentacles are so moving around that I cannot count them, the figures have big bleu eyes and are hyperactive. So I sit in the ufo, they are hyperactive busy with control panels etc. I'm just sitting in the middle and relax.

A big BANG occurs and with the splash of the explosion we land in an other world, rolling over each other, the ufo AND the creatures evaporating in a cloud of steam. This is a strange metal world, robots are carrying dead robots around, like a big battlefield was here. My ufo friends are gone, just me in a desolate landscape with robots who walk like robots with dead robots. So let's follow one of them, wonder where he will bring the dead one. He just throws it in a big oven, It's very hot in there. I wonder if I should jump in there to?

Let's start being polite: just ask the robot his name?

"I'm Spanky, I'm spanky, just clearing the mess, just clearing the mess, what a mess, what a mess, are you broken? Are you broken?"

`Well I'm not sure if I'm broken, I guess not really, no, maybe just some / a lot of rusty parts?'

`Why do you want to jump then? Why would you want to jump then?'

Bit silly all that repeating but ok Spanky got a point. So he/she turns around to pick up another broken robot, in endless movements.

Ok where to go, where can I learn? A lady in a very colourful outfit with a big hat on top of her head comes down a strange building ( everything looks higgledy-piggledy, topsy-turvy. Nothing is straight, Furniture stands up side down and back again). The woman walks like a leopard, with a big grin on her face, she walks so flexible as if she don't have any straight bones in her body, yet she's very comfortable walking up straight.

` What are you doing here, pretty one?' she asks. Well that's curious for sure, she calls me pretty….

OK I just want to learn how to overcome all my procrastinations, uncertainties, bla bla, al my weaknesses and it's time I start to earn some money too again because buying all this self-improvement stuff and navel-glancing, earning nothing for two years is really melting down the money previously earned. Maybe I just come here to burn all my confusions away? I feel really bored telling this same old whining story all over again, what a bullshit, just ACT woman! Ok change directions the assignment was to observe and do as must be done.


Very well, what's your name?

"Sophie, pretty one" 'Well I think you look great yourself to, what a fabulous outfit you've got!'

Very, very colourfull, all spring-flower-colours are jumping of her lang dress-like thing. Even the smells of spring are jumping of her coat! And what a lovely way you move! What I'm doing here? Actually I don't really know, I'm here to observe, do whatever I have to do and return…Well this is a boring story to, I'm not really connected am I?

So let's really connect. She enters me, like she's in and outside of me, I suddenly have her friendly perspective and walk / glide into the very strange higgledy-piggledy building, looking out over the metal war-field with all the sad robots and broken down robots . What has happened here I ask to her/myself?

`Just a war, as so many have been, we recycle the bits and peaces and will start all over again', is the answer which pops up in me mind. Well what's the use of that? What does that bring to anyone? How come you still feel happy? A bit tired maybe, but still happy?

Good question she sighs inside, never thought of that, that's just live down here.

Suddenly I realize this is just a parallel world with `my' world, just an other layer of the same time-space construction, just another illusion, just an other play. Actually there are no other planets, no other spaces, no other galaxies, they just are nothing more then illusions created by our minds WHAT a CRAP of CRAP (unfortunately my English vocabulary is much to limited to be able to describe the hopelessness of this all)

WHAT'S THE USE OF ALL THIS PLAYING!!!!!! I'm so tired of learning the rules, and try to play the game and try to overcome all inside obstacles to play my part of the game WHILE IT'S JUST A GAME…WHAT'S THE POINT? Why do I make such a fuss about it, why do I take it so seriously?

She nods very patiently inside of me : "Well if you don't there is not much fun in playing anyway is it?"

"Step outside the game… are you prepared for the emptiness yet??? Can you handle that??? Can you BE, Can you? Just sort out all the trash, recycle it, and START AGAIN…a NEW play, Just START will you!

Of course you can choose to be part of all the trash right now and be recycled yourself, isn't that what you secretly are hoping for?

That someone else makes you a `better' robot next time around?????

Coward Boward, it won't help you and you know it!!! Secretly want to sneak out of it, don't you, create some sort of terrible illness and die like a hero surrounded by mourning loved-ones who are whispering: Oh she had SO MUCH POTENTIAL, what a pity she didn't believed it herself or used it properly herself or realized what she already meant in the lives of many…. What a shame…"

Drama Queen!

Isn't this a very old scenario? Didn't you already played this one?" Hoops, yes I did, a variant on that one.

She continues soft and friendly again, "Whining over the uselessness won't help it's just an excuse for not taking part in the game isn't it? All other players run of somewhere else leaving you feeling useless and superior at the same time alone and alone again. They like to play just the same. Like the sun loves to shine through the window, you can close the curtains of course, the sun don't mind, it's all your choice" So you've spoken with Eckart Tolle lately, didn't you!

Show me how you play, I ask inside, show me how you play here. She's getting tired of me know: WHY ?YOU KNOW! You LOVE to play games, be honest! GET INVOLVED! You love to play and bend the rules a bit, make you own rules a bit etc. Stop all this whining arguing! JUST PLAY will you woman! Or MAKE YOUR GAME!

So I listened, I sit in this chair, knowing this discussion going on in my head for ages, looking out the window to robots clearing the mess. Of course I can start again, that will be new, won't it, instead of looking at what others are playing, start really again, start a new game, make some rules, invite people to play with me. They love it, as much as I do. Sophie really feels great, so colourful, so gentle, strong and flexible at the same time. Will you join me?

"How can I not, she whispers with a big grin on her face"

Let's make a new game together, right here, right now! I will start this new game, here and now.

… to be continued. Will have a whole world to create. Busy, busy...

This traveling didn't broaden my mind, or did it? Sophie is smiling inside, O no? You cheater!

Feel excited about what we will make out of this world!




Blue World Illustration by Detlev Tesch

Healing Mission On A Blue World

I was beamed to a strange place were the predominant colour was blue. I was standing on blue sand. the patches of grass were blue, the nearby mountains blue. The sky a light shade of violet.

Looking around I spotted a green little creature that reminded me of a rabbit or a hare. I looked quite cute and I approached it, meaning to lovingly stroke it.

when I was less than half a meter away it suddenly rose on its hind legs, fluffed up its fur and hissing unpleasantly showed me some unexpectedly sharp teeth. This motivated me to not step any closer and to save tenderness for some other occasion. I made an attempt to speak to the creature but to no avail.

I backed off and took a look around.

Some 30 metres away there was a lonely tree. Bare, without leaves and blue also.

I felt drawn to it and followed that impulse.

The tree itself seemed quite unspectacular - apart from being blue - so I looked around on the ground.

Not too long and I found a metal object of a somewhat golden colour. A bit over 20 cm long it resembled a dumbbell with specs of red and green glass laid in.

When I picked it up it felt suprisingly lightweight. And then it seemed to be pulled at magnetically. Since I did not let go I was drawn along with it. Thus I was directed towards the mountains.

Arriving there I was lead into what appeared to be a cave but turned out to be a kind of house inside the mountain. In the first room there was a bed. In the bed lay a child. The child was in fever. Her blue face wet with drops of sweat, her red eyes unsteady and extremely tired. Here the pull on the "dumbbell" seized.

I gently sat on the edge of the bed and at that moment, slowly, one by one a number of blue people and a few children entered the room which soon was a bit crowded. Not a word was said. It felt like they were the child's family. They had worried expression on their faces but they stood there calmly.

I turned once more to the child. Taking her hands in mine I felt how hot they were. This little person needed help urgently.

First thing I did was let some Reiki flow into her. At this point she closed her eyes and after a moment seemed to fall asleep.

Now, very oddly, that dumbbell started vibrating. I picked it up from the floor and was pulled outside. The people in the room respectfully made way for me.

I was pulled to a group of bushes some 20 paces away.

The vibration set in again. Mildly.

The object pulled downwards, to a somewhat hidden place between two bushes. There was a little plant with a blue stem and yellow leaves, in fact there were quite many of them there. The vibration increased a bit.

I hesitated.

The vibration grew stronger.

I picked one of the little plants.

The vibration reduced but did not stop.

I picked more plants until the object was still.

Back at the child's place I handed the plants over to a man who nodded knowingly and went to prepare a sort of tea from them.

I took a cup of the brew and approached the childs bed.

The "dumbbell" in my pocket vibrated intensely. It was rightout shaking. I took it from the pocket and it directed me away from the child to the other people.

I was puzzled.

When I tentatively turned to the child again there was a violent vibration and a strong pull into the other direction.

The vibration continued at a lesser level.

I let the man who had brewed the tea drink some.

A little less vibration.

I let another person drink. Less vibration again.

After all grown ups had drunk some of it the vibration stopped.

Those folks looked less anxious now. The sick child was sleeping calmly. The temperature was down a bit it seemed.

After a few hours that we all spent in that room quietly the little one stirred in bed, stretched and yawned.

Then she looked at me and such a sweet little smile appeared on er face. Ravishing.

The atmosphere in the room changed. People started leaving. At last only one couple remained.

They looked at me with a very special look that made me feel their gratitude.

Then the took the girl by the hand and they too left.

Stepping outside a moment later I couldn't see anyone of them.

There were just a handfull of those ninja rabbits and so I beamed back.


Saturn Mesh by Nan Rathjen

Saturn Mesh

recap of previous episodes:

1. circa 1970: in guided visualization group, travel to planet. as i was trying to land on saturn, with surprisingly high anticipation, leader shouted "STOP!" then said he was about to freak out landing on saturn.

2. 2 days ago: just above saturn, i encountered a fine mesh i needed to go through to land. i became a fine mesh, which, if the correct design, would for some reason let me through saturn's mesh. no go, wrong mesh design.

looking closer, i found some pieces in grid of mesh outlined in heavy black, indicating presence of black holes in my mesh, aka me.


3. update of previously posted metastory: in pertineri market, nick nolte as peaceful warrior, mechanic, sculptor, is still in the process of changing a bulldozer to a horse sculpture for me.

he's adding mercury, for flow, which, he tells me is a gradual process, but that it picks up speed past the fetlocks, (going up).


i ask him why the mercury thing takes so long whereas silvia saw it in no time and with a whole herd of horses. he answers, "grasshopper, mountain come to bird in hand, but two apples in he's gunning his harley for a ride, his guffaws slightly muffled by the noise.



i finally do a snow globe about my mesh and it's instantly made of mercury, very fine, silver filigree look, and totally flexible. i try to land on saturn but this time i'm too scared and can't quite take the final step, or however meshes navigate.

so i'm back at pertineri market and visiting a gypsy friend of nick's, looking for help. i know she can see right through me, ( but then, i am a mesh).

--zipping back to the hard for a sec, i just had a smoke on my deck, and heard a lone little sounding bird in a nearby tree, i guess, making quite long chirps. i imagined he was lost and alone, or somehow needing help, and wished i could do something, if so.

first i imagined him in my hand and me petting him to sooth him, but the chirps didn't change. then i imagined the pristine balance i felt on saturn yesterday in a dry run (not written down) version of what's next here, now. ripple- like, but instantly in the vicinity, the feeling of balance including the bird's location. right then there began answering chirps from another tree. i hope he gets what he needs.----

i'm back with the gypsy, and she beams us to a hillside, by a brook and a tree. i recognize the place, it's near a cliff dwelling where i once lived with a fox as my only companion. it's been too long since i've seen my fox, and i really want to see him now. we have to stay by the tree, she says, so the fox will have to come to me. she picks up a rock and tells me to drop it in the widened stiller part of the brook. i do and the ripples begin. then i hear and have tiny glimpses of my fox hesitating in the foliage around us. i'm wondering how to help him trust me more when he's suddenly curled up in my arms (meshes have arms) and relaxing into a nap. i relax a lot too, and the fox and i beam to the saturn entry mesh and pass through it, no problem, and land on saturn.

the atmosphere is not thin but somehow light, pure, calming and invigorating. and a feeling and knowing and an awakening of an all inclusive perfect, pristine, balance. at the same time, it's a little much to take in, or be reminded of at once. so i''ll come back soon. my fox sleeps through the whole thing.


---now back in the hard, the little bird is still with his long chirps, with some answering ones. this reminds me of a line from a song, "any dream will do" from "joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat" :

"far, far away

someone is weeping,

and the world is sleeping,

any dream will do."

i'm constantly amazed at what a different animal it is to say something out loud, or to write it down, and how fun it can be. especially , i think , if someone is really listening (reading).


Black and white space illustration for Flux story by SFX

Young Stars In A Flux Dimension

I am going towards a place that is forward and to the right, up, where the stars are very sparse indeed.

This region of space feels cold.

There are no colours in the few stars that exist here.

They are just - white, greyscale, lacking the hues and auroras of many colours that I normally see when I approach a sun.

As I move in closer, the cold becomes more and more intense and I have to shift the structure of my shape to compensate for this.

This leads to a shift in awareness - these stars, these suns are very young.

There is only one that has only a single planet.

This too would appear greyscale if viewed ordinarily, but in my changed state it seems complex, vibrant, slightly undefined.

It is many layered and fragile.

It makes sense now that these stars are so far out here; there are no meteors which will strike this unfolding planet's surface and cause a cataclysm. There is little radiation. There is a lot of space in every sense.

I move in closer and dive into an orbit of the shifting planet.

There are beings here, likewise in a state of flux and unfoldment.

I find this very interesting because I've never seen beings before that weren't some thing by nature; these seem to be seeking who they might become, or what, just like the planet and all its systems.

As I fly and observe, I begin to wonder if my presence here is going to have an effect; and of course, it must. For a moment I worry that I shouldn't be here, but then it re-asserts that if I wasn't, then I just wouldn't, and so all is well.

I am beginning to wonder if this place actually awaits visitors such as myself and if we have a role to play here.

As I think this, I begin a slow sideways spiralling movement in my flight and I see that I am leaving a wake behind, a pattern.

This pattern causes all manner of resonances from the planet and the beings, and further away, even from the sun. I am changing this place.

At this point, I admit that I don't know what I'm doing here and lay back inside all of that and just let it happen as it will.

The flight becomes far more complex and my state shifts into something altogether unknown, sound enters into this somewhere and then colours also that are being received and patterned upon.

There is an awareness of something being built, a structure of sorts, and when it is complete, I fly away.


Angel Gift Illustration by Margreet

Angel Gifts

I used my snow globe and suddenly I am at another planet. When I arrive there, there is this sinister atmosphere. Like the place has been abandoned just seconds before I arrived. I feel like I am on the set of B movie that uses this to make it more exciting. When I listen closely I can nearly hear Ennio Morricones music, but I know that this is an attribution I make.

It feels very 'unheimisch' to be here and I feel the need to look behind every few seconds. Then suddenly I realise that maybe I don't need to be scared or anxious, but that maybe I am the threat here. I sink to my knees and I cry. I have more tears than I ever shed and they stream down like diamond rivers along my face before they fell on the earth.

I don't know why I am so sad, but then I'm not sad, I just feel an ultimate compassion with this world. I can't stop crying but I hold out my hands to spread some healing energy. As my tears hit the ground you can see it change. The grass is more vivid and green, and little yellow flowers start to grow.

Since I feel a presence of other creatures here but I can't see or hear them I think the best thing I can do is go on blessing this earth. I still can't stop crying but it ain't something like sadness, it is just something this planet needs. As I go on shedding my tears and blessing with my hands I can feel the atmosphere change. It isn't sinister anymore, but there is a feeling of hope.

I can see a rabbit like creature come near to me. I would like to pet it, but I feel that is not what is expected from me. So instead I send a blessing it's way. Now the rabbit comes to me and makes it clear to me that it wants to be touched by me. So I stroke its back and head, laying a lot of compassion in my strokes.

After a while the rabbit leaves and when I look up I see more creatures before me. Some of them are animals, just like the rabbit and some of them are twisted people. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but those people look battered and wounded, even though you don't see it by the way they look.

My tears start to flow again (I didn't even realised they had stopped while petting the rabbit) and I hold out my hands to send every one of the a gift. To a young woman I send a warm woollen scarf, to an middle aged man I send a big cigar. I send a basket to a dog and another one to a little cat. It is to much to write it all down, but here are some of the gifts:

  • a bouquet of roses to a woman in her forties
  • a set of games to a young boy
  • a wonderful magical doll to a little girl

I get into a flow of giving so I'm not consciously aware anymore of what gifts I give them all. But I can see I am doing the right thing because I can see them lighten up.

At the end there is one old man left. I can see that he didn't receive a gift yet. I wonder what to do and then I know. I learn him how to give the gift. He didn't need anything at this moment, he needed to set forth the beginning I did. We talk without words and I know he will share this knowledge with the others. I can see generations and generations of happy people in a kind of vision.

They all come to me because they want to thank me. I step behind and I say to them that I want to thank them instead for this opportunity. As I lift from the ground to go home again I can hear them whisper about this angel that came to them. I have to grin, I never considered me to be angelic.....


Bouncy Teddy World by Gavilan

Bouncy World, Jagged World

I arrive at a countryside scene. There are soft, squishy tubes of purple, yellow and green, about two inches diameter, weaving and looping amongst each other all over the ground.

I bounce gently up and down on the tubes for a while, enjoying the feel of moving through the air.

Suddenly there is a sigh of relief, from all around me.

"Thank you"...

The spirit of place tells me that it needs people to bounce and move on the tubes, otherwise the air inside stagnates and the whole place starts to fade and die.

Since I seem to be on my own, I ask who usually does this.

"The colourful teddy-bears", the place replies. "But I haven't seen them for a while."

I decide to find them, and notice in the distance a "rip" in the fabric of the place.

Entering, I find myself somewhere strange, angular. Sharp, jagged rocks all around. Soon I meet a group of fearsome bears, dark brown or black fur, standing tall on their hind legs. They bare their pointed, bloody teeth at me menacingly.

Remembering myself, I show them that I too can play that game, and stride towards them as a towering, tentacled plant creature.

Something changes and I notice a less-menacing bear stepping forward to talk.

I explain why I have come, how the bears are missed by their old home.

In turn, he replies that all is well and they will return soon. This jagged place is their home now too, and they come here to experience those energies that are lacking in the soft, bouncy land.

I explain that if they all leave at once, the bouncy land suffers. And perhaps the jagged place too would suffer without them all.

It is agreed that some bears will return with me and some remain. From now on they will rotate between the lands, mixing and swirling when they each change location so they all still see each other over time.

Stepping back through the rip, and the dark bears accompanying me shift and change, becoming shorter, bright and friendly.

They scamper off and play in the fields.

All is well.


Now it's YOUR turn if you want to play ...

"By whichever means you choose, travel to a different planet.

Somewhere you have never been before.

Let yourself be taken there and observe, do as must be done, then return.

Travel broadens the mind :-) "


Travel to an alien planet stories


Planet Of The Ghosts | Recycling Robot World | Healing Mission On A Blue World | Saturn Mesh |

Young Stars In A Flux Dimension | Angel Gifts | Bouncy World, Jagged World

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