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Poems & The Energy Mind

by Silvia Hartmann

Poems & The Energy Mind

Silvia Hartmann writes: I have to come out of that mysterious Art Solutions closet and admit that for me, a poem is not a poem unless it was prepared and delivered by the energy mind.

This is a short essay on the nature of poems and poetry from the Energist's perspective.

The conscious mind can - very much at everyone's peril! - edit the original, energy mind derived poem after the fact if it wants to; but the original poem is a translation of the data stream from the energy mind to me.


Creativity in poems and poetry is only possible by communicating with the energy mind by Silvia Hartmann

The energy mind deals with a level of information density that is exponentially higher than the conscious mind ever could, and it can factor in rhyme, rhythm, metaphor, and every single occurrence that one might find in poetry elegantly, and most of all, in the right places and at the right time, for the right reason.

The conscious mind can't do that; it creates "Frankenstein monsters" - a horrible monstrosity constructed from dead parts without a soul - when it tries to construct a poem using the bits and pieces that have been written about, from personification to alliteration and back again without the input of the energy mind.

In the Art Solutions style of working with the energy mind and with poetry, all we have to do consciously is to give the energy mind the parameters or set up - what do you want this poem to be, to be about?

What format do you want it to be in?

How long, who is this poem for?

What style, and most of all, what purpose does this poem have?

The energy mind goes to work, calculates the variables and delivers the stream of internal representations that are then smoothly translated into words - and we have what I would call a true poem.

This process is exactly what all true and acclaimed poets across the ages have actually been doing.

It isn't mysterious, and you don't need any "talent for poetry" to be able to do that.

What you do need is to have a connection with your energy mind, to trust it, and to be able to receive what it sends to you without getting in the way.

Then there is the translation into words, and that's a basic skill that gets a whole lot better with practice.

There will be numerous poetry exercises on this site in due course to assist with the practice of writing poetry like that, gaining confidence in the process and being able to use poetry and the writing of poems for all sorts of very useful things - for exploration, for experience, for learning something new, for changing the world, for a prayer, for a spell, for something that will turn a loved one's heart this way, or that.

Poetry is a very powerful thing; very magical, and very primal to human beings.

Bring it to life for you and it can change your life.

It certainly changed mine.

Love poetry, write poems every day!


Silvia Hartmann

January 2010


Poetry Exercises For Energists: - The Laura Ingalls Pattern, this is an excellent technique for learning how to describe anything so that others get a sense they're really there. - The original energist's poetry pattern. Highly recommended. - Whether you are writing a Project Sanctuary or Energy Mind derived poem, or a story, these principles are good to know. - Shamanic identification is a wonderful and integral part of the Project Sanctuary experience. Poetry can help us express the sension faster, smarter and more accurately as well creating more energy rich experiences for the reader. - This is a fun exercise that will greatly enhance your language abilities, mental flexibility and word skills. Great one for energy magic people who want to write spells, and hypnotists.


  by Silvia Hartmann
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