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Rhyming Spell Easy How To Rhyme Poetry Exercise

Rhyming Spell Easy How To Rhyme Poetry Exercise

Now everyone nose Wink that for a magic spell to work, it has to be like a poem, with rhythm, and of course, it has to rhyme. But oh! Making a poem that rhymes is sooo difficult!!!

Take heart, my witchy friend! Here is an easy peasy lemon squeezy simple little poem and poetry exercise in rhythm and rhyme that will help you rhyme with the best in no time at all.

A Little Rhyming Spell

For Witches & Others Who Want To Learn To Rhyme

Why don't you

just speak in rhyme

for a day,

and all the time?


Sister, brother,

mother mild,

you can drive them

screaming wild,

when they ask you

for advice

and you rhyme

your answer thrice.


Every sentence

that you speak

you must rhyme

and rhythm seek

and what happens

after time

is your brain

will do this fine!


Doesn't have

to be so good

long as you

are understood

its a simple

skill you see

you can learn that -

one, two three!


When the time

comes then your way

where a spell

you have to say

it will come

in rhyming form

that is easily

the norm!


Words will flow

with elegance

lead their own

amazing dance

rhyming isn't hard

you see

lots of words

from a to z

you can play with

anytime ...


.... and that's how

you learn to rhyme!


Silvia Hartmann 2007







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