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White Winds White Clouds

by Silvia Hartmann

White Winds White Clouds

I was told it was World Writing Day. I was otherwise engaged but created the space for a short Sanctuary poem - White Winds White Clouds. Lovely, thank you, dear energy mind!

Dear Energy Mind!

Give me something for World Writing Day.

Write me a story
write me a song
make it loud and make it strong,
declare the future,
yours and mine!

White Winds White Clouds Drawing Illustration by Silvia Hartmann

White winds, white clouds
great sailing ships
so purposeful
ahead, ahead and on!

Onwards to the great adventure,
onwards to the sparkling silver shores
where emeralds await,
and diamonds bright

and starblessed nights
are filled with dance and song,
we marvel at the alien skies
the stars are smiling
radiant is our joy.

Silvia Hartmann
October 20, 2019


  by Silvia Hartmann
"Deepest, heartfelt thanks to Silvia Hartmann and the powers that be for presenting Project Sanctuary and the whole paradigm that radiates around it - or perhaps from it. First time I have ever been able to honestly say β€œlife-altering transformational!" Laura Moberg

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