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The Star Dreams - A Celebration (Don't Disrespect The Star Dreams!)

by Silvia Hartmann

The Star Dreams - A Celebration (Don't Disrespect The Star Dreams!)

In Star Matrix, a "Star Dream" is a Star Event that took place not in the Hard, but on the other levels. Star Dreams can literally be lucid dreams, and also Star Moments in a meditation, of course in Sanctuary, and in my case, they happen while I write. 

Many of my Star Dream Star Moments happened when aspects were "in the flow," writing "fiction" in a trance. I put "fiction" in inverted commas, because the IDEAS from those Star Moments eventually became "facts," i.e. real energy techniques that real people in the real world now do and gain so much benefit from them.

The Heart Position, for example, comes from a "poem" I wrote to help a child abuse survivor in a moment of desperate need. The Heart Position is now involved in nearly everything we ever do in Modern Energy.

The Energist's Hand Shake comes from a story, the Immortal Beloved does, the Distance Healing pattern does and on and on and on and on.

Don't disrespect the Star Dreams!!!

It goes the other way around as well. Sometimes I build a Star Dream into a story to transmit the energy.
When I asked for a Star Dream to remember today, I was flashed back to the moment when I first discovered "the eyes of night" - the eyes of the energy mind, that do not "see" through the physical eyes of day, but can see other realities and project them into our mind.

My aspect was lying in a nice bubble bath and drifted to an ongoing Project Sanctuary meta story where a person is searching for something in a very cold, snow/ice riddled place with nothing but rocks and hard stone all around. The wind was howling, ice sleet driving sideways and the entrance to a cave was found, cold, dark, dripping, freezing but there was a river running through it that was not frozen, yet glacially cold.

I remember standing at the entrance of the cave, and then it happened - my eyes blinked slowly shut and when they opened again, the icy black dripping cave had become an absolute wonderland of sparkling light, diamonds on the ground, dancing colourful entities and rushing rivers of brilliant clarity.

My aspect was so shocked, she bounced right out of it and was back in the warm bubble bath, but oh! so excited!!!
Clearly, this had unlocked a whole new way of seeing, and therefore BEING, in Sanctuary!

She immediately tried to get back there, and once that movement of closing the lids to the eyes of day, and opening the eyes of night instead was repeated, it worked perfectly!
That was definitely such a threshold shift, a real "miracle expansion"!!!

The experience was crucial to a later Soul Pilot endeavour, "A different kind of light," and it was also crucial to the story "The Wedding" from the Golden Horse.

I'll see if I can add that sequence here.


All around her lay the night, a never ending night of howling storms and boiling clouds, swirling dust and darkness, cold and harsh it was, and endless; whichever direction Harmony turned in, the view was always the same – there was nothing out there in those darkened lands but broken stone, an ocean where nothing could nourish, nothing could grow.

And it was here that for the first time since she had arrived, Harmony felt a terrible sadness, and a despair; she felt so small, so alone, and so completely helpless as she had never felt before; and also for the first time, the thought that she might have to suffer here until she died came to her, and that was not the kind of thought this princess had ever known before.

Harmony didn’t know what to do.

Her life had been so blessed; so easy. She had always walked in lightness and with love and flowering of so much wealth and true abundance all around, in every way; whatever challenges there might have been did not prepare her for this night, for her own feelings, and she put her hands before her eyes, and bowed her head, and then she cried.

And as she cried, her tears fell, hot and rich; and they fell on her chest, and one perfect drop fell straight onto the brightwhite jewel of the dragon lady.

When Harmony’s tear touched the mirror smooth surface of the jewel, a strange but wonderful transformation began; at first, the princess did not notice that the jewel shone more brightly, and more brightly still but soon she saw, and soon she gasped and stepped right back as on her chest, a star was flaring like a new born sun, and bright and brighter still the light did flare, so bright that Harmony could now no longer look at it and had to close her eyes again, but even through her closed lids, the brightness rose, and rose again and more, and more, and wider and wider was the radiance and brightness, casting forward, out, into an ever widening circle, yet there was no heat, there was no pain and Harmony just knew that something most extraordinary was occurring here, and that it wasn’t meant to do her harm, but that indeed, this might have come to help her in her darkest hour.

The radiance got brighter still, and brighter still and then it was as though although her eyes were tightly shut, another kind of eyes were opening who knew to see this kind of light, who had been waiting for this light to now reveal before and all around a different existence as Harmony began to breathe again and stood in awe and reverence, as with her other eyes she saw that what she thought had been just broken rocks and shard were nothing of the kind; that there, below and all around lay a most wonderful of landscapes, rich with life and dancing with the colours and existence, that there was moisture, and nourishment, and that the beings there were beautiful and perfect, that they had most wondrous ways of being and of doing, and the sky was filled with living, dancing, singing light and it was here that Harmony began to understand that what this land was was impossible to see with eyes that were so used to other kinds of land, to other skies; and they had failed to understand and comprehend at all just where she was, and what was happening here.

The princess stood upon a mighty tower, and it wasn’t old, nor was it ruined in the slightest way; it was fantasic and entirely build of light, alive and humming, knowing and supportive of everyone who entered there. Around her, wind beings were dancing and telling her of their existence, of their ways; and high up in the glorious symphonic skies, she could see dragons, golden, beautiful and absolutely perfect.
Harmony turned, and wherever she placed her gaze, there was more wonder, more perfection still; and she saw the fortress of what she thought were slayers, but she saw them as they truly were now, and they were beautiful, and so were they lands, their great town and most of all, the radiant palace of
the dragon lady, who became aware although it was so far away of Harmony’s wide gaze and her attention and in turn, she rose and looked around, and both could see each other just as clearly as if they were in the same room, face to face.

There came a knowing and a smiling from the dragon lady, for she had been trying to teach Harmony to see the truth of all this land and this dimension all along but had not found a way beyond the giving of the jewel, and the hope that it might do the trick, become the catalyst, and it had been, indeed, and Harmony did bow her head and send a smile of deepest, heartfelt gratitude; her smile became a prayer, then a blessing and it flew from her like silken banners, and it reached the dragon lady and enveloped her, and stroked her, flowed all about her and the Princess Harmony was joyous, radiant and free, and never more than she had been this day of revelations.


I think I needed a reminder today there's more to life than .... .... ....


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  by Silvia Hartmann
"Project Sanctuary is simply incredible and a joy to use." Trev Holloway

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