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The Game Of Books

by Silvia Hartmann

The Game Of Books

I've just invented a really fun game to play with the dear Energy Mind - the Game of Books! I wrote the original instructions for the Modern Energy Art Students, so they can make a digital book cover as an exercise in how to have fun with MEA, but you can play the Game of Books in Sanctuary and then you don't need photoshop, or you can simply draw or paint or make a collage. Great game for kids, too!

Original post to Modern Energy Art Masters Group 2019-2020.
I was thinking a lot about you guys yesterday when I was making this virtual cover for the new edition of r(E)volution.
I started with essentially asking the dear Energy Mind for an idea for the cover,
The idea that was sent was of me waving a banner. I said, yes, thanks, I get the idea. If you're leading a revolution, you need to stand on the barricade and wave the banner - haha!
I tried to figure out how to enact this but then decided it was too complicated, with one thing or the other, so I wondered how to translate that sension into doable things.
The medium gold leafed E "painting" flashed up, and that was doable.
So off the aspect hopped and took a video of herself holding the E.
Took it back to the computer, looked through the video frame by frame, but couldn't find a frame where both the painting and the Silvia were shining at the same time. Haha ...
Not a problem. Let's do some cutting and pasting!
In the end, the E came from one screenshot, the hands from another, the chest with the heart pendant from a third and the serene yet determined Silvia face from a 4th.
Everything was cut out really carefully at high magnification 500% and put back together.
The background was done and now it was time to add the words.
This is where The Click comes in so super handy. How would people ever know where to put the words, or what size they should be, what colour and what font, if they didn't have the Click to tell them what to do?
So the picture was done and then put on a virtual book template for that standing book 3D effect which, fair enough, is a bit lame but I've always loved it anyway, and this is my party, so I'll laugh if I want to! (God I LOVE that the aspects have arranged it for me so I can make my own book covers - such a fun part of the process!)
I really enjoyed the whole thing, spent all day on it, under the guise of "I'm working!" haha (this could have been done quicker but I just kept pissing about with it in 500% magnification!) and left it on the screen to post this morning.
The Book Cover for Silvia Hartmann's r(E)volution
Now I was looking for an excuse to share the entire process, and my dear Energy Mind came up with a fun "bonus exercise" for the MEA people :-) so I would have one.
And here it is.
You have now all the resources you need to make your own book cover design (the flat design).
You know how to take pictures of yourself, how to cut and paste, how to put words on an image, how to CLICK everything from the colours to all the components that are needed to make it work.
So here's the fun challenge.
1. Imagine you have written a bestseller. What is it called?
2. Make a (non 3D, flat) book cover for it that includes you, your name, the title and the subtitle and that matches the content perfectly energetically, so the book can be judged by its cover!
3. Post it to the group! (I might turn it into a standing 3D book for you).
It doesn't have to print-ready print perfect. You can make a first draft just so you know where the components will be.
This is an OPPORTUNITY to really play with your dear Energy Mind and all the rest of your systems, and have FUN!
If you can't think of a title or content for your book, ask yourself "Which book have I always wanted to read but I could never find it?"
Be advised this could be any kind of book at all - a cook book, a kid's story, a self help book, a memoir, a poetry collection, a fantasy trilogy - it's your book!
Further be advised that this is a game of no limitations. You'll never have to write or publish it, it can be as long as the human genome project or as short as a single haiku. It can be about something you know sweet fuck all about! "Silvia's guide to deep sea diving ..."
It's a super fun game and I invite you to PLAY. xxx
The thing is this. In creating this book cover that has the title and the subtitle and a leading image of some kind, your dear Energy Mind has created that book. It exists now in its entirely.
That is spooky but at the same time, it's an example of just what our dear Energy Mind can actually do when you play your cards right.
You can go into Sanctuary, open this book on any page and the page will be there, with the content in the right order and sequence.
The Game of Books is really fascinating, and nothing like that whole thing with the endless cards and charts and sticky notes and all that other stuff that is said to be necessary to create something. I'd say it's the opposite. Any really good book is "written" by the dear Energy Mind the moment the first idea sprang into being.
But you don't need to worry about any of that.
Just play the Game of Books and have your own FUN with it.
That's how the dear Energy Mind does its best work.
With lots of love from
Silvia :-)
  by Silvia Hartmann
"You have probably heard the classical question, "What book would you bring along if you were to spend the rest of your life on a desert island?". Well, after having read Project Sanctuary, your answer will be an easy one."  Helena Sweden

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