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The Others Poem

by Silvia Hartmann

The Others Poem

The Others is a Sanctuary poem ... about The Others.

The Others


In distant lands,
in future's realms,
there live the Others,
playing through their days.

Reach out,
stretch out and tune towards them
as they play an other game,
where nothing is the same
and every moment held
in precious hands like perfect jewels,
crystals bright and singing,
as the light is living,
breathing love
that slides around them,
sweetly now caresses ankles, feet
and blesses hands of mercy,
hands of power;
strong and straight they are,
and so beloved ...

And from the bottom of our hearts
we wish towards them,
wish that we might be as they;
and our wishes turn
to great white dragons
who will carry us
the distance near,
the distance far and here,
we rush and our desires grow;
the Others know we're coming and
they turn around ...

With open arms they greet us,
with other smiles they meet us;
take us home and dry
and we will never say goodbye
for all their lands are always here,
and they are always near;
and as they turn and walk they ways
and dance their days and nights
we know what we have done,
we know we will become the Others
in due course and never sooner
than we're ready to accept
that there is only light
and there is only life,
and only love -

This is the only truth
and we are young,
yet we are learning ...

We are
evolving ...


Silvia Hartmann

From NightVoice, 2009


Β The Others by Silvia Hartmann

  by Silvia Hartmann
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