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The Mirror Charm - Metaphor On A Plate!

by Silvia Hartmann

The Mirror Charm - Metaphor On A Plate! Here is a personal story about the metaphor on a plate, and a Sanctuary evolution that ties back to a physical object in the Hard.

This is a transcript of a video from Nov 20, 2022, 11:01 AM 

Video screenshot of Silvia Hartmann wearing the Mirror Charm

The Mirror Charm - Metaphor On A Plate!

Hello everybody, I've just finished my Sunday live show, the energy show number 115, and I want to tell you about my mirror charm.

This is literally a mirror in a frame.

And it has a story, which is a metaphor on a plight.

Now, I don't just preach about personal development.

I do personal development.

And I use the techniques that I suggest to other people, that I teach and train.

And one of these methods, if you want to call it that, it's called metaphor on a plight.

Now, when we normally do energy work, and all I do is energy work for the living energy body, when we do energy work, we want in general to avoid metaphors.

So if a person comes along and they say, oh, I've got this huge problem with my diabetes or my health or my prosperity or my husband or whatever the problem may be.

Because we work with the energy component, we say, well, where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands.

Because that shows where the energy body is blocked or disturbed.

Because people can feel that.

But sometimes when you work with people, they will offer a metaphor on a plate.

And I did that.

Exactly that, a short while ago, I posted something to social media and I didn't get enough positive feedback.

So I made the comment, or my aspect made the comment, it often feels as though I am shouting down an empty well.

And that is a metaphor on the plight.

shouting down an empty well.

So I decided to go into sanctuary and see what I would find.

So I went along and went into sanctuary.

Where's this happening? This well thing, where's this happening? And I found my aspect draped in a sort of an old blanket of standing in the middle of an ancient medieval village in midwinter, where the snow had been sort of trampled down into grey slush.

And these dark wooden houses, they were all shuttered and closed and there's nobody to be seen anywhere.

And it's just sleet hammering this place.

And there's my aspect standing in the middle of the village, shouting down literally this empty, dry well.

And I can hear her shouting with her hoarse voice.

You have a real living energy, buddy.

And there's the storm whistling and a little bit of an echo coming back from the empty dry well.

Buddy, buddy, buddy.

You have a sixth sense and it's your emotions.

Emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions.

And I'm just standing there watching this laughing.

So I go up to the aspect, tap them on the back and say, hey, what are you doing? And so the aspect turns around and looks at me and it's a much younger version of me.

And her eyes are like saucers and completely fixed pupils.

And she seems to be in a complete trance.

And so I said to her, hey, what are you doing? What are you doing shouting down that well? And this aspect is just completely like, oh, who are you? What's this? What's going on? She wakes up and looks around herself and looks at me.

What the hell is going on here? And so I said back, I have literally no idea.

What are you doing shouting down that empty well? And she's like, I don't know either.

This is really strange.

This is really weird.

And I looked at her and I looked at the empty well and my hand just went whoosh.

pointing at the well and the well exploded into this sparkling light water fairy fountain.

And the aspect with her blanket over her head just just went, oh, my God, what is this? And this I said, it's OK.

It's light water.

You know, it doesn't.

It's not like water, water.

It doesn't freeze.

It isn't cold.

It's purely made of light, of starlight, if you will.

There is not an empty well anymore.

It's a starlight fountain.

And so this starlight fountain is getting bigger and it's falling on her and it's melting away the blanket.

And it also changes her as she starts to age up towards my age.

And this whole thing is going on there, this light water fountains, the sparkles, everything's going on.

I'm standing watching her.

And at one point, the person that I was interacting with turns into a perfect mirror of myself, just a mirror floating in this space.

And I thought that was really, really interesting.

So I waved at myself, smiled at the mirror, asked it to come to me, and it became a little mirror in my hand that I picked up and I put it into my coat pocket.

And so I looked around and the Sparkling light water fountain was just flowing onto this entire village and transforming, first of all, the snow into this white, pristine, freshly fallen snow.

And the houses weren't all black and hideous anymore.

They were made of stout, beautiful wood.

began to open.

You could see golden light inside and there were happy families in there with their fires cooking and loving and colored lights sparkling now on the snow-capped roofs.

A perfect winter fantasy, if you will.

Really beautiful.

I decided to look at this whole thing from a higher vantage point, so I rose up into the air and looked down.

I could see that this fountain was getting bigger and bigger, and it was creating this semi-spherical bubble, not only over the town, but it was now encompassing the farms around the outlying of the town.

And the bigger this bubble grew, the more bigger this fountain became.

And it was really delightful to see how it was transforming the entire habitat.

It's a really beautiful sanctuary experience that gave me so much joy and pleasure.

I don't know what else is going to happen with that.

But this happened this week.

And when I came to choose a charm for the Love and Logic energy show, I said, I was going to go with a mirror ball for the soul, which combines love and logic.

But then my attention was drawn to this little mirror charm and reminded me of this wonderful sanctuary experience.

And so I chose to wear that instead.

That particular energy show about love and logic, there was no space in telling that.

But I really wanted to tell that story of why I'm wearing that.

And just to finish up, I would say that also to people who might be listening to this and thinking, well, it's complete insanity going into a fantasy world and talking to a past aspect of you who's shouting into an empty well.

That there is perfect logic in sanctuary.

There's perfect logic and beauty in metaphor.

You just need to understand it.

And understand that that is the language of our energy mind.

And with this dried empty well that my poor aspect had been shouting into since she was, I don't know, 30 years old.

For 30 years she'd been standing there shouting into this empty well.

It's just a way for the dear energy mind to present us with like an energy blockage that needed to be removed.

And at that level where metaphors are the language of the angels.

And so I spotted that I had offered a metaphor on a plate in that social media post and I went and evolved the metaphor and I'm really, really glad that I did.

And so let us be quite clear about that.

Sanctuary is very, very logical.

It's a truly beautiful logic that our conscious minds may aspire to, but I don't think they will ever truly reach.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Mind your own metaphors on a plate and do something about them if you are moved to do so.

Lots of love and bye for now.

Mirror Charm close up

  by Silvia Hartmann
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