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The Journey

by Silvia Hartmann

The Journey

Sometimes, I simply have to write a modern energy meditation, a poem, a hypnodream, a metasong so I can feel better. I hope you enjoy The Journey. 

The Journey

Let's go on a journey to never before

never imagined

never aspired to …


A journey like no other.


Please, don't be afraid.


I know when I say journey

you hear suffering.

Hardship, depravation,

struggle, pain.


I understand.


But you must understand,

it isn't like those journeys of the old,

it's different.


Imagine you were …

in a beautiful place,

a stately park with many trees,

green grass and random flowers.

Imagine you saw


sparkling in the grass,

what might that be?


Let's find out.


It is a clear and most enchanting jewel,

is it crystal?

Is it glass?


Who cares?


It's so pretty, refracting light,

casting rainbows,

if you look through it,

the world becomes quite multiplied

and turns in pretty patterns,


a game in your hand.


What a marvellous thing to find!


You feel blessed,

you feel happy,

and as you put the sparkling thing into your pocket,

there's something else that flashes

over there,

by that big tree,

what might it be?


You go and look and find

a little bowl

made of translucent green …

Glass? Crystal? Diamond?

Oh, who cares!

It's absolutely perfect,

delicate yet strong,

such a lively thing, a lovely thing,

a little liquid, water, placed inside

and drunk would be a remedy for many ills,

especially for sadness, loss of faith …


You hold the little bowl up to the sun

and love its sparkle, shine;

and as you place it in your other pocket,

you can see a little flash of light

a little further down the way into the forest … 


And so you go from one find to the other,

never noticing the distance travelled,

never knowing you are on your way

into a realm where few if any ever entered there,

where friends await,

who left the treasures so that you would find your way

and take a journey grand and old,

and far, and far,

without the fear,

without the pain,

that you should walk in beauty's light

become enriched, inspired,

young of heart and fleet of foot,

that you would find your way,

that you would never stray,

and come away,

and understand

the meaning of

the journey. 



SFX Feb 2022





  by Silvia Hartmann
"I wish the world Project Sanctuary." Christine Sutherland

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