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The Genius Symbols - Your Portals To Imagination, Innovation and Creativity by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

The Genius Symbols - Your Portals To Imagination, Innovation and Creativity by Silvia Hartmann

The Genius Symbols - Your Portals To Imagination, Innovation and Creativity by Silvia Hartmann

The Genius Symbols - 23 NEW Symbols To Unlock The Genius Within

The Genius Symbols

Your Portals To Creativity, Imagination & Innovation

A NEW Book by Silvia Hartmann


Silvia Hartmann writes: I have created a set of symbols to serve as an alphabet to communicate successfully with the energy mind. There are 23 symbols altogether that are readily recognised by BOTH the conscious, AND the energy mind (unconscious, subconscious mind).

Because of this, they act as portals for true two way communication with the energy mind - and that's unprecedented in the history of human use of divination, visions and oracles.

Both the conscious mind, and the energy mind, are EQUAL partners in this exchange of information. When BOTH agree, you experience a physical sensation that comes with an electric experience of mental clarity - a threshold shift. Threshold shifts are known as !"Aha!" or "Eureka!" moments and these were, up to now, thought to be rare and unpredictable.

Working with the Genius Symbols, there is a direct path towards the Threshold Shift that is clearly laid out, step by step, easy to follow, accessible to any human being AND AVAILABLE at any time.

Consciously, we decide to start the process. Consciously, we can formulate a question and using the Genius Symbols, the energy mind will answer.

This is predictable, and it happens EVERY TIME because The Genius Symbols work with the structure of the human systems of mind and consciousness.

The fact that a communication from the energy mind is received in answer to any question or query we may choose to ask is in and of itself, astonishing. Especially because of the RELIABILITY of the process - you get an answer, a vision, an "insight" EVERY TIME you engage with this process.

However, it gets even better.

Instead of accepting the vision or information from the energy mind absolutely and walking away at this point, we can enter into the full two way communication.

We can consciously ask further questions, refine the vision, change the vision even until the Threshold Shift has been reached, the "Eureka!!" moment when the original question has been answered, the problem solved, the new breakthrough idea has arrived.

It is this two way communication TOWARDS THE THRESHOLD SHIFT, the moment when BOTH conscious mind AND energy mind agree and we are in fact, OF ONE MIND that makes the Genius Symbols totally different, new and unprecedented in the history of humanity.

  • The most extraordinary aspect of the breakthrough system that is The Genius Symbols lies in the fact that ANY HUMAN BEING can learn to use this system, including young children.

The human conscious mind and the energy mind are designed to work together.

The Genius Symbols provide the bridge, an alphabet of communication, and a method that produces reliable, predictable results in a cause-and-effect fashion by virtue of design.

With infinite uses in personal development, problem solving, invention, innovation, therapy, teaching, learning, creativity and intelligence enhancement AND as a fascinating game to play that is simply unprecedented, The Genius Symbols are the ambassadors of a new generation of advanced tools for human beings in the 3rd Millennium.

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The Genius Symbols

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  by Silvia Hartmann
"So much to explore, so much to create, so much infinite time to do it all in Project Sanctuary."Β Barbara Saph

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