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The Alien Opal Story

by Silvia Hartmann

The Alien Opal Story

A story sparked by a Modern Energy Art-efact, the Alien Opal.

On a planet in a solar system deep in the outer reaches of the spiral arms of our galaxy, there is an unusual mineral to be found which seems inocuous, simple, and it exists everywhere. It is not until we bring it to light of our own sun that its beauty becomes revealed - all the colours of rainbow sparkle in the light and that is just what we can see. When we close our eyes, we can sense it vibrating in our hand, it feels warm and strangely alive; as though it invites us to join in a very special dance that is old and yet entirely young, newly born, freshly awakened and simply delighted to be here.

A person who would be blessed to share in such a piece would start to awaken to the dance of the light; they would experience dreams the likes they never had before, soaring through the manifold dimensions, finding ways of laughter, joy and being they had never felt before; and in their days, the colours seemed much brighter than before, the gravity much lighter, inviting feet to skip and dance, and smiles would spread like ripples on a pond when summer winds lift great white clouds like ancient ships which sail across the deep blue ocean sky.

No need, no more, to have and hold; once known, not ever can it be forgotten as the new horizons open wide; and so a person with delight would choose a one they loved and cared for above else and pass the treasure on.

And pass the treasure on they did, from one upon the other, until there was no longer than a single being left behind and in the lands of darkness, empty winds blew empty shadow valleys and in the other worlds, the beings danced, so colourblessed, their shining trails as stars now sparkling north and east, and south and west, and all around, expanding now, until forever.

SFX June 2021


Alien Opal - under two suns

Alien Opal MEA (Modern Energy Art-efact) by Silvia Hartmann June 2021

  by Silvia Hartmann
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