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Sunrise Poem: Morning Light

Sunrise Poem: Morning Light

Silvia Hartmann's sunrise "poem" Morning Light.

Morning Light Illustration


Morning Light


Not long now,

not long to go

the sky that just

a moment so it seems

was empty, radiant black

is filling, silent grey

and you can hear the birds

quite clearly as they


to celebrate

the dawning of the day,


new day

born for the first time

never did it rise before

and never will it be again

this day to come and

listen, you can her

the morning birds proclaim its name

as is and was

their right and duty.


Donโ€™t mourn

the passing of the night,

eternal it was, and it will be

again and nightwind gently leaves

the stage, not in retreat

but in respectful deference

bowing low, arms spread awide as from the hills,

the distant hills

dawns own sweet lady stirs and beckons,

sleepy still she is

her touch is light and intermittent

and you smell forests on her breath

the silent mists she swirls

they dance for her and reach up high

and raised by her, they smile and greet

the sky above now softly shading

into more than misty grey.


We stand and breathe and our eyes

may well begin to sense the distant hills

as subtly their existence is revealed for us

to know and with the hills our eyes are drawn into a clear direction โ€“


here, sky is moving,

living light, a hint of royal purple, rose and amber

are the heralds as we stand transfixed and waiting,

in the gathering of clarity of purpose, all around a trembling

of excitement and a charge that builds

from all around, within us all

who have assembled here

for this momentous moment

to be here so we can say

Yes, I was there that day.


Itโ€™s true, I was!


I stood and shivered lightly as the breeze of dawn

quite playfully would touch my cheek and giggle in my hair

and nudge me here and there

as if to say,

watch out,

weโ€™re nearly there, itโ€™s coming, canโ€™t you feel it coming?


Oh but I can, I feel it, see the colours now

in marbled bands above the hills,

stark black they are and brightness rises and I sense

and feel and hear with such anticipation

as the sky itself is filled song

as all ears, eyes and senses

turn towards the ever brighter bands

on the horizon, right ahead and then โ€“


our star is born in constellation burst and

bright rays of purest light until itself eclipsed

as living sun explodes and claims us all, and wins us all

as one by right of birth โ€“ we bow our heads in deep submission

as the valley floods with light, and comes to life that moment,

revealed, revered

and jubilation is within our hearts, within our reach

as we begin to cheer this wonder, cheer this day

we call its name and raise our hands

and drink its blessings, trembling with the power

of the new,

the holiest of holy,

joy of joys,

the miracle perfection that has made us whole

that gave us life itself โ€“


and all of us who came that day

were newly born

and sang and danced

in morning light.


Silvia Hartmann, April 2003

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