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The Story Of Project Sanctuary

The Story Of Project Sanctuary

There are many facts and the most intriguing and in-depth structural things about the human mind and the practice of Project Sanctuary.

But like all wonderful creations, there is also a simple story behind the scenes.

This is the story of Project Sanctuary.

Project Sanctuary The Story ...

There once was a young child, who was driven out of "ordinary consensus reality" by the simple fact that living there was too painful to be able to survive.

She was very young, but she found that inside herself, there were these other worlds.

Here there were worlds where she could exist in excitement and in safety. A place where one might play and find interest; where there were friends, mystical creatures, strange fruit and all manner of wondrous events and occurrences.

The child build the worlds inside with care and with great love; and she never, ever told anyone about her worlds inside so that they could not then trample in and destroy them, as they would destroy everything else that was precious, or of value.

The worlds inside nourished her. They strengthened her. They gave her a reason to live and they provided solace, comfort and healing just for the asking.

The worlds inside also provided knowledge.

On many occasions, this was survival knowledge which allowed the child to live when otherwise, she might have died out on the roads and far from home; and later, at school, it was other types of knowledge which allowed her to excel in many subjects and in many ways.

As the child grew older, her situation began to improve slowly; but the worlds inside never went away. The child who was now a young woman was much too grateful for the worlds inside and all they provided for her, no matter where she travelled, no matter where she resided, and no matter, how dire the circumstances could become.

It is true that for the longest time, the young woman never even thought about her worlds inside as anything unusual; it must be presumed that she believed that everyone was doing these things, and no-one was telling, as of course she never would.

But it came to pass as she grew up and started her own businesses, that she did begin to notice that she seemed to have a thousand ideas where others would have none; that she seemed to have access to ways of working and discovering things that had never been before that others did not; and when she came across the study of human psychology, she was astonished, and then appalled, to find that the worlds inside were being treated so wrongfully, were being so misunderstood, so misused, and so greatly disrespected.

Eventually, there came a day when the young woman was with another person who had trouble with their dreams. For the first time, and very hesitantly, she told the other person of how such dreams would be resolved if one was to do it like she had learned how to do this in her play and journeys of the worlds inside.

The other person, although they were much older and highly qualified in all things to do with the study of the human mind, was astonished. They cried, "But that's amazing! This is beautiful! You must tell more people about this! It could help so many! It could heal so much!"

The young woman was nervous about this but eventually agreed to write a book to try and explain a little bit about the worlds inside, and what she had learned about the language you need to speak there, and how you have to conduct yourself in order to gain access to the many, many riches and sheer miracles that reside in the worlds inside, and simply can't be found in any other place.

A few people heard about this, and they loved it. And then, wonderfully, the Internet happened and even though respectable publishers didn't want to know anything at all about the worlds inside, now all of a sudden anyone in the world could find out, and they could learn about this, as long as they could speak the English language through the book the young woman had written.

This book was called Project Sanctuary.

The young woman was Silvia Hartmann, who once had been the child who found the worlds inside, and who went on to create amazing things with the knowledge, wisdom and riches she had found there.

And you can still read it today.

Now, it is available from all good bookshops and you can find it there, or you can visit to find out more and meet up with others who were also looking for a way to unlock the wonderful treasures of their very own worlds inside - and they are really there, and they are waiting.




Originally published in The Soul Pilots 2007

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"You have probably heard the classical question, "What book would you bring along if you were to spend the rest of your life on a desert island?". Well, after having read Project Sanctuary, your answer will be an easy one." Β Helena Sweden

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