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Soul Pilot Therapy

by Silvia Hartmann

Soul Pilot Therapy

There is no doubt in my mind that Soul Pilot work reaches the aspects that other healing methods don't reach, and that doing Soul Pilot work has profoundly positive effects on a person.

These include ...

Soul Pilot Therapy

by Silvia Hartmann

There is no doubt in my mind that Soul Pilot work reaches the aspects that other healing methods don't reach, and that doing Soul Pilot work has profoundly positive effects on a person.

These include ...

- Taking a holiday from endlessly battling the same old problems and gaining a new perspective.

People have their special problems, we all do, and we do get stuck on the whys and wherefores of these problems. We get stuck in a healing rut, as it were.

We try all sorts of therapies to "get rid of the problem" because if we did, our lives would all of a sudden stop being so annoying and such hard work and would turn to bliss in an instance ...

This can go on for decades, and sometimes it really is a very, very good thing indeed to stop locking horns with the problems for a while and simply to do something else.

As Einstein remarked, "You can't solve a problem from the space in which it was created," so Soul Piloting offers a unique opportunity to step outside the healing box and the problem box(es) for a time and take a different perspective, a different point of view.

That's invaluable and much underestimated as a real factor to bring about movement and evolution to entrenched systems of mind, body and spirit that have stubbornly resisted all attempts to "heal" them.

Apart from that, what else does Soul Pilot work have to offer?

- Soul Piloting increases self esteem, self worth, self belief and self confidence.

These things are holy grails in psychology, counseling and self help; they are of the essence to have a stable presence in reality.

Soul Pilot work engenders and fosters these good qualities by taking a person out of victim mode and having them be heroes instead.

For many people, especially those who consider themselves mentally, emotionally or physically damaged and imperfect, the fact that a Soul Pilot does the work because of who they are, and that who they are is PERFECT to help others, is a real turning point.

At the very least, it represents counter evidence to long held beliefs of helplessness, and hopelessness.

There are many more aspects to this. Helping others is something that people do and it makes them feel good. It makes them feel connected, proud of themselves, proactive (very important!) and the fact that this is so also serves to show to a person that they are indeed, a good and loving person, when all is said and done.

People have too few practical opportunities in daily life to re-affirm to themselves that they are good people who want to help, who want to make the world a better place, and Soul Pilot work is a powerful reminder of that fact.

This understanding of oneself as a good person who wants to help others is central to building lasting, true self esteem, self worth, and self confidence.

- Problem solving, experiential learning and wisdom learning

Soul Pilot work offers a unique opportunity to learn something new.

We always learn something new about those we help, about how the Universe works, about ourselves, but perhaps the most essential learning aspect of Soul Pilot work is the solving of the problems, and finding out that we do have the resources to solve problems.

Especially with people who have in many ways failed to solve the challenges and problems of their current incarnations, it can be that they begin to think of themselves as being incapable of solving complex problems, that there is something wrong with them, that they are not smart enough to solve their problems.

Soul Pilot work demonstrates practically that this is not the case and that people do have the resources of mind and emotion, love and logic to find what is wrong, and take the right action to put it to rights.

That is extremely powerful as a "wisdom experience" and something that you can't argue against, not even to yourself.

- Gaining energy flow, movement and evolution

Many people are depressed not because they are short of energy (although it really feels like that); they are depressed because they are full of energy that has nowhere to go.

People are hugely powerful energy generators, and if there aren't enough opportunities to discharge this energy, through human interaction which allows this discharge, through physical activity, through hard work, mentally stimulating work, nurturing activity and sexual activity as well, then this energy builds up and up and becomes ever more compressed - and the person becomes ever more depressed.

Adding even more energy into such a depressed system will make matters even worse; and in order to get movement and flow back into the energy system (and thereby, into the mind, into thinking, into emotion, and into the body as well) we need to discharge energy.

Soul Pilot work is exactly that - an opportunity to discharge energies that have built up especially in the psychic circuitry of the energy body.

As this energy is discharged, naturally new energy forms are being drawn into the energy body as there cannot be a vacuum, and this is precisely what gives us flow and evolution across the board.

We have mentioned depression as an example; but stuck systems are root problems for a huge array of human emotional problems, which include constant anxiety which doesn't flow away, sadness, anger, and other forms of being in the same state constantly, even though the environments are changing.

Even people who seem to be stuck in particularly pitiful/helpless emotional states are capable of doing some basic Soul Pilot work, and in doing so, will experience a movement and an evolution in their stuck states that is highly beneficial and can present a turning point for the person in question.

- Gaining soul benefits and immeasurable benefits

Soul Pilot work is quite extraordinary. We have noted the many, many benefits it produces simply as a side effect of engaging in the process; but the fact is that we don't really know what Soul Pilot work is, or what it does.

There can be no doubt that there are unexplored and essentially unknown aspects to the human totality; levels and dimensions we know nothing of, but which have featured hugely, and unchangingly, in human culture, behaviour and endeavour since the human race began.

There are tremendous spiritual aspects to Soul Pilot work; from the concept of service, to the concept of there really being souls, and an afterlife, even just by presupposition - here is an opportunity to explore and work with the spiritual dimensions of human beings.

I am personally satisfied that human beings really do have souls; and that they cannot be fed, healed or grown by bying handbags, sports cars or expensive jewellery.

Soul work and knowing what our own souls really want from us is extremely difficult to think about consciously.

Yet when we engage in Soul Pilot work, we are offering ourselves up to learn something about those dimensions, that we have a will to re-connect with our own souls, and that we are taking this seriously enough to do something about it.

I believe that Soul Pilot work gives us specific, personal lessons and helps us understand our own souls better; and I believe that there is little more important for a person who seeks their path, and tries to understand themselves and the world than to seek exactly that kind of knowledge, in a personal manner.

- The Uplifting

Finally, the benefit of Soul Piloting that interests me personally the most is that of The Uplifting.

Each Soul Pilot journey we undertake changes us, teaches us, and evolves us.

It lifts all of us - mind, body, emotions, thought, understanding and spirit - to a new level.

It presents a personal evolution, a personal development.

Each journey builds on the one before, and so we evolve a little bit each time we take a Soul Pilot journey.

Because of the unique nature of the Soul Pilot journey, because of its total personalisation to the person who undertakes it, this is a form of guaranteed evolution that is very rarely found in healing, psychology, therapy or even the practice of spirituality.

This guaranteed evolution - The Uplifting - is the most precious aspect of Soul Pilot work, and why in my opinion it is something that people who sincerely seek personal evolution and healing should try for themselves, and as soon as possible at that.

So, and in conclusion, I believe that to offer clients, especially those who have been "in therapy" with one thing or another for a very long time, the opportunity to learn how to be a Soul Pilot, and support them in their first Soul Piloting endeavours, is a real and powerful contribution that is unique, precious and at the same time, utterly fascinating as well.

Silvia Hartmann
Originator, Project Sanctuary & Soul Pilots

  by Silvia Hartmann
"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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